An intuitive yet powerful prototyping tool for visual novels and graphic novels
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Visual Novel Workshop (vn-workshop) is an intuitive yet powerful prototyping tool for visual novel and graphic novel creators.

(In very-early development stage)

Our goal

To create a browser-based prototyping and project management tool for individual creator as well as small dev-team. It should satisfy following use cases:

  1. Let creators focus on creating content, handle the burden of asset management automatically and faultlessly.
  2. Allow for fast prototyping via intuitive interface, and produce demos that are runnable on common browsers and devices.
  3. As the name workshop implies, this tool not only enables efficient resource sharing and collaboration between team members, but also integrate with open community for resource and idea exchange.

Pending tasks

  • a resource bank with simple version control, for managing assets such as scripts and images.
  • a GUI for fast prototyping.
  • an environment for running demos.
  • a common api for third-party service integration.

Comments are welcomed

We are open for ideas, submit yours here:

vn-workshop (中文简介)

视觉小说工坊 (vn-workshop) 是一套直观又不乏功能的,专为视觉小说/绘本小说创作者设计的,原型创作与协作工具。




  1. 让创作者把心思放在创作上,提供一个全自动与容错性强的环境,为他们免去管理各种资源的烦恼。
  2. 提供一个直观的界面让开发者能快速打造作品原型,输出可在常见浏览器和设备上运行的Demo。
  3. 如名字中的“工坊”暗示,这个工具不仅能提高团队协作与资源管理的效率,还将与开放社区结合,提供交换创意与资源的机会。


  • 一个有版本控制功能的资源存储,用于管理类似脚本和图片的资源。
  • 一个适于快速开发的原型设计界面。
  • 一个基于浏览器的Demo运行环境。
  • 一个统一的API,用于整合第三方服务。