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Bitrig Ports collection repository.
Makefile C Perl C++ Groff Shell Other
Latest commit 204210a @jcvernaleo jcvernaleo Make nginx build again.
Thanks dhill
Failed to load latest commit information.
archivers Fix archivers/innoextract
astro only minor formatting differences; drop USE_GROFF; no bump needed
audio missed bump
base PERMIT_DISTFILES_CDROM died a while ago. Found by portcheck.
benchmarks update to speedtest-cli-0.3.2
biology Bump REVISION or fix PLIST for a bunch of ports.
bitrig Bump revision for PIE on amd64.
books Drop remaining MD5/RMD160/SHA1 checksums.
cad Mark more ports as BROKEN
chinese Mark more ports BROKEN.
comms REV bump for comms/obexftp
converters Fix converters/wv
databases databases/pear-DB_DataObject to 1.11.4
devel devel/p5-Test-Perl-Critic to 1.03
editors Mark a few more ports BROKEN and turn off a broken FLAVOR of nethack.
education education/edict to 2.6
emulators Couple more BROKEN ports.
fonts Argentina, not Spain. They parted ways in 1861.
games games/pyganim to 0.9.2
geo More BROKEN
graphics More BROKEN ports
infrastructure reserve _ddclient uid
inputmethods Mark a few more ports BROKEN and turn off a broken FLAVOR of nethack.
japanese More REVISION, PLIST, and WANTLIB fixes
java update to jBCrypt 0.4, fixing an integer overflow that occurs with very
korean More REVISION, PLIST, and WANTLIB fixes
lang duh, build rust too
mail mail/pear-Mime-Type to 1.4.0
math make R compile again
meta Bump to Xfce 4.12..
misc misc/dialog to 1.2.20150920
multimedia cope with PIE
net net/p5-Net-IRC to 0.79
news added newsfish to news/Makefile
plan9 Fix some roff-level problems (text interpreted as macro, backslash es…
print Mark more BROKEN.
productivity Mark more ports BROKEN on bitrig.
security security/pear-Auth-HTTP to 2.1.8
shells Stop using <tzfile.h>.
sysutils sysutils/py-daemon to 2.0.6
telephony Mark some ports BROKEN on bitrig.
tests Test the ability to handle "-subpkg", too.
textproc textproc/pear-File to 1.4.1, lots of more tests
www Make nginx build again.
x11 Make x11/gnome/nautilus-sendto build on Bitrig.
.cvsignore skip lost+found, and sort alphabetically following obj->pobj change
.gitignore add swp swo to gitignore
INDEX Minor sync fixes.
Makefile Add bitrig subdir to top level Makefile.
README Fix path to dpb(1).


Documentation for the ports tree: ports(7), packages(7), mirroring-ports(7),
library-specs(7),,, port-modules(5).

dpb(1) (manpage under ${PORTSDIR}/infrastructure/man) for bulk builds.

See also the OpenBSD Porter's Handbook

$OpenBSD: README,v 1.21 2014/07/11 10:38:01 ajacoutot Exp $
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