Kext for disabling a failed AMD GPU after waking up from sleep.
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This kernel extension disables the AMD GPU after waking up from sleep. It is intended to be used on a 2011 MacBook Pro with a failed AMD GPU.

NOTE: this should only be used with the grub solution (found here) or similar that powers down the discrete GPU before booting macOS, otherwise it will fail to load.


After building using Xcode, copy the kext to /Library/Extensions and run the following commands from terminal:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions/AMDGPUWakeHandler.kext
sudo touch /Library/Extensions


Manual loading

If you prefer to load the kext manually, then after building the kext, copy it to a location of your choice and run the following command to change its permissions:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /path/to/AMDGPUWakeHandler.kext

Then when you want to load the kext you can simply run the command:

sudo kextload /path/to/AMDGPUWakeHandler.kext

To unload:

sudo kextunload /path/to/AMDGPUWakeHandler.kext

View logs

To view the logs for the last 24 hours run the following on the terminal:

log show --last 24h --predicate 'senderImagePath contains "AMDGPUWakeHandler"'