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Crayon Programming Language
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Crayon version 2.1.1


Please go to for documentation, tutorials, demos, and other resources.

Build Status


Copyright 2019, All rights reserved.


Crayon is released under the MIT license. OpenTK & Tao license information can be found at

See the LICENSE.txt file included with this release for further information.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any issues you may find to the GitHub issue tracker located at It may be helpful to check the IRC channel first to make sure any issue you find is actually a bug or for workarounds.


The official Crayon IRC channel is #crayon on Feel free to ask any questions there. Google Mailing list/forum:!forum/crayon-lang Use the stackoverflow tag "crayon" for any issues. This tag is monitored.

New in 2.1.1

The following have been added since 2.1.0

  • Added a library for encoding and decoding Base64
  • Added a library for accessing environment variables
  • Added a library for launching processes
  • Added a library for reading zip files
  • Bug fixes

Setting up and Running Crayon

If you have downloaded Crayon from (recommended) please read the instructions on the site (linked from download page). If you are compiling Crayon from source code directly (power users) run the release Python script in the Release directory to create a release package for your OS, then follow the same instructions as if you downloaded it from the site. If you are trying to run Crayon from the debugger, open Compiler/CrayonWindows.sln or Compiler/CrayonOSX.sln. Create a file called DEBUG_ARGS.txt in the directory of your %CRAYON_HOME% environment variable. The last line of this file will be used as the command line arguments. Note: Debug builds will not catch compiler error exceptions.

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