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A general utility library for interactive websites, with a focus on performance.


degu is an interactive developer toolbox. It is not the next buzzword-filled, huge component library with ready-made UI solutions (such as modals, carousels, etc.) but it aims to provide the "hammer and nails" needed to build highly-interactive, performant, kickass websites.


npm install @blinkk/degu@latest --save-dev

Getting started

Import the library:

import {WebWorker} from '@blinkk/degu';

const worker = new WebWorker((params)=> {
    return params.a * params.b;
}){a: 5, b: 2}).then((result)=> {
   console.log(result); // 10

Import specific files:

import * as mathf from '@blinkk/degu/lib/mathf/mathf.js'
import * as is from '@blinkk/degu/lib/is/is.js'
import * as dom from '@blinkk/degu/lib/dom/dom.js';

ThreeJS deps

Classes under threef require three.js deps. Currently supports r110.

npm install --save-dev three@0.110.0
npm install --save-dev @types/three@0.103.2

Browser compatibility

degu supports only "evergreen" browsers back to the latest two versions:

  • Chrome
  • Edge (Chromium version)
  • Firefox
  • Safari


If you have already been using version 2.x.y and are upgrading to version 3.x.y, see our guide for details.


Please read on how to develop for degu.


Please read