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C++11 Ray Tracing / Marching Framework

This is a basic C++11 OpenGL viewer application running a ray tracing / marching kernel for each tile in a pool of worker threads. The purpose of this application is to be a test framework for some rendering ideas I plan to explore.


A basic rendering framework and a collection of different libraries.

  • Point, ray and triangle with AABB intersection
  • Two different ray / triangle intersection tests
  • Triangle / line segment distance functions
  • Ray / plane intersection
  • Template classes for vectors and matrices with common computer graphics operations implemented
  • OpenGL viewer with text rendering and frame limiter
  • Ten runtime switchable test scenes
  • Screenshot feature, writing of BMP images
  • Ray generation for orthographic and perspective cameras
  • Build-in Cornell Box scene
  • Tiled, parallel, CPU writeable + OpenGL drawable frame buffer system
  • 3D DDA based grid intersection accelerator
  • Basic mesh processing pipeline (load from disk, transform, compute normals etc.)
  • Sampling module supporting various Low Discrepancy Sequences / QMC methods
  • Time helpers for logging and performance measurement
  • Basic tracing / logging system
  • Super-sampling
  • Gamma correction


Compiling has no prerequisites aside from a C++11 ready Clang and GLUT. I tested with Apple's command line development tools. Building should succeed with a simple

$ make


Not much to see, just the basic are in place.

viewer scenes


This program is published under the MIT License.


Developed by Tim C. Schroeder, visit my website to learn more.


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