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Munin node with some basic plugins written in PHP.
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Bloatless Munin Node

Bloatless Munin Node is a simple port of munin-node and some basic plugins to PHP.


This application provides a basic munin-node supporting the following commands:

  • list
  • fetch
  • config
  • version

It includes the following plugins by default:

  • Cpu (Cpu usage)
  • Df (Disc usage)
  • If_ (Network interface traffic)
  • Load (Load average)
  • Memory (Memory usage)
  • Uptime

All plugins are ports from the original munin-node versions to PHP. Additional plugins can be added easily.



  • PHP >= 7.2
  • Linux operating system
  • Read access to system files like /proc/stat or /proc/loadavg


  1. Clone/Download this repository to your server.
  2. Run php munin.php from the munin-node root folder.

Adjusting configuration

In case you need to adjust the configuration copy the config/config.default.php file to config/config.php and adjust it to your requirements. Then kill and restart the munin.php process.

Additional notes

This application is not meant to be a replacement of the original munin. Whenever possible you should use the original munin software which offers much more plugins and is tested on thousands of machines.

Nevertheless it is sometimes useful to have a munin-node implemented in PHP. For example when you have some kind of managed sever where you can not install additional software - but can run PHP scripts. In those cases it might be a good possibility to fetch some basic statistics from those machines.


The MIT License

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