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A bitcoin wallet that locks your funds for a certain time period.


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BitHodl is no longer maintained. You can still use the app to withdraw your funds but you can no longer lock any more coins. If you're using BitHodl, please withdraw your bitcoins as soon as possible.

The bitcoin wallet for hodlers. Make sure to hold on to your bitcoins even through the most volatile roller coasters. BitHodl locks your BTC using pay-to-script hashes, making them impossible to spend before a specified date.

Getting Started

Install Node.js and npm

Install Node.js (v8) using nvm:

$ nvm install v8

Install dependencies

$ npm install
$ npm install -g react-native-cli
$ react-native link

Start the iOS application

$ react-native run-ios


This project is using Bitcore Library. And to get that to work in React Native, these hacks was necessary:

  • Used rn-nodify to add support for Node modules (Look into ReactNativify instead?)

  • node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/script/script.js needs to be manually modified like this:

    +Address = require('../address');
    if (BufferUtil.isBuffer(from)) {
      return Script.fromBuffer(from);
    } else if (from instanceof Address) {

Use with testnet

During development and testing it is recommended to use the testnet network. By doing so you can use testnet coins and don't risk losing any real money.

  1. Configure and run a Bitcore node with testnet

    You need to run a Bitcore node and configure it to use the testnet. Follow the instructions in the BitHodl Service repo.

  2. Configure the BitHodl app to use testnet

    Open src/config.js and set network to testnet instead of livenet.

  3. Point the app to your testnet service

    Once you've built and started the app, go to settings and enter the url to your testnet node from step 1.


Want to help us making BitHodl better? Great, but first read the file for instructions.


BitHodl is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for full license text.