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Software Defined FCP and FICON-compatible Fibre Channel fabric
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fikonfarm is a software-defined Fibre Channel storage network. It will support FCP (SCSI) and FICON (ECKD and tape).

Translated from Swedish it means "Fig farm", and is pronounced something like feecon-farm. It is a play on words where the mainframe protocol FICON sounds like fig in Swedish. The farm part plays on that there is loads of FICONs.

How it works

By using FCIP and FCoE as transport all hardware that is needed is a decently fast Ethernet network card.

An example integration would look something like this:

fikonfarm integration


As a mainframe hobbyist FICON storage is a real bummer. I want to spend time tinkering with the mainframe hardware and OSes like z/OS and z/VM, not spend money and time finding old disk arrays in unknown state on eBay.

Given that Hercules has managed to emulate ECKD disks pretty well, hopefully this project is doable.


  • Do not expect enterprise grade performance
  • It will not be redundant, at least initially
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