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(defun parse-text-line (line)
;; converts " text" to (:content "text" :indent 4)
(let ((content (string-left-trim '(#\Space #\Tab) line)))
(list :content content :indent (- (length line) (length content)))))
(defun split-list (criterion data-list)
;; break a list into two lists; the second begins with the first element that matches the criterion.
(if data-list
(if (funcall criterion (first data-list))
(list () data-list)
(let ((me (pop data-list)))
(let ((chunks (split-list criterion data-list)))
(push me (first chunks))
(list () ())))
(defun build-nodes (lines)
(if lines
(let* ((me (pop lines))
;; split off our children from the rest of the lines.
;; the first line with an indent <= ours is a sibling, not a child
(chunks (split-list (lambda (x) (<= (getf x :indent) (getf me :indent))) lines)))
(let ((children (build-nodes (pop chunks)))
(siblings (build-nodes (pop chunks))))
(let ((node (list :content (getf me :content))))
(if children (setf (getf node :children) children))
;; (format t "~a~%" (getf node :content))
(push node siblings))))
(defun show-indented (nodes &optional (indent 0))
;; print out the contents of a tree of nodes, indented appropriately
(dolist (node nodes)
;; e.g. if indent=4, this formats the content with "~4t~a~%"; if indent=0, the format string is just "~a~%"
;; format syntax ref:
(format t (format nil "~[~:;~:*~~~at~]~~a~~%" indent) (getf node :content))
(show-indented (getf node :children) (+ 4 indent)))
(defun show-parents (nodes &optional (parents nil))
;; print out the leaves of a tree with their parent path (root::parent::child::leaf)
(dolist (node nodes)
(let* ((children (getf node :children))
(content (getf node :content))
(text (if parents (format nil "~a::~a" parents content) content)))
(if children
(show-parents children text)
(format t "~a~%" text))))
(defun process-stream (stream show-func)
;; build a tree from an input stream of indented text
(do ((text-lines nil)
(text (read-line stream nil) (read-line stream nil)))
((equal text nil)
(funcall show-func (build-nodes (mapcar 'parse-text-line (reverse text-lines)))))
(push text text-lines)))
(defun my-command-line ()
#+CLISP *args*
#+LISPWORKS system:*line-arguments-list*
#+CMU extensions:*command-line-words*
(let ((args (my-command-line))
(sig-char #\*))
(if args
(let ((show-func (if (equal sig-char (elt (first args) 0))
(intern (string-upcase (remove sig-char (pop args) :count 1)))
(dolist (filename args)
(if (equal "-" filename)
(process-stream *standard-input* show-func)
(with-open-file (stream filename)
(process-stream stream show-func)))))))