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with pip as easy as:

$ pip install vol

or checkout the latest version from github:

$ git clone https://github.com/bmaeser/vol.git
$ cd vol
$ python setup.py install


vol lets you control your mac's audio volume from the commandline. It also has support for profiles.


Because i want to have profiles, and want to change my audio-volume via commandline. So i can ssh into the box in my livingroom and change the volume while sitting on the couch.


vol (in|out|alert) <volume>
vol mute
vol unmute
vol load <profile>
vol info

vol (-h | --help)
vol --version

    -h --help     Show this screen.
    --version     Show version.


set output volume to 50 (of 100 max):

vol out 50

set input (mic) volume to 10:

vol in 10

mute and unmute:

vol mute
vol unmute

load a profile from $HOME/.vol - file:

vol load party


vol looks for profiles in .vol in your home.

If your username is 'bob' vol will parse /Users/bob/.vol

a short example for .vol:

in= 0
alert= 0
out= 100

out = 0
in = 0
alert = 0

.vol uses ini-style syntax. Please see the full example configfile in ./conf/

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