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= rush -- manage your unix systems with pure Ruby

rush is a replacement for the unix shell (bash, zsh, etc) which uses pure Ruby syntax. Grep through files, find and kill processes, copy files - everything you do in the shell, now in Ruby.

== Usage

Previously if you wanted to count the number of classes in your project, you might use a bash command like:

  find myproj -name \*.rb | xargs grep '^\s*class' | wc -l

In rush, this is:


How about killing those pesky stray mongrels? Before:

  kill `ps aux | grep mongrel_rails | grep -v grep | cut -c 10-20`


  processes.find_all_by_cmdline(/mongrel_rails/).each { |p| p.kill }

But rush is more than just an interactive shell and a library: it can also control any number of remote machines from a single location. Copy files or directories between servers as seamlessly as if it was all local.

Example of remote access:

  local ='localhost')
  remote ='')
  local_dir = local['/Users/adam/myproj/']
  remote_dir = remote['/home/myproj/app/']

  local_dir.copy_to remote_dir
  remote_dir['**/.svn/'].each { |d| d.destroy }

Clustering? Well, if you insist:

  local_dir ='localhost')['/Users/adam/server_logs/'].create
  servers = %w(www1 www2 www3).map { |n| }
  servers.each { |s| s['/var/log/nginx/access.log'].copy_to local_dir["#{}_access.log"] }

== Invoking the shell

Run the "rush" binary to enter the interactive shell.

== Reference

For more details on syntax and commands, see:

* Rush::Box
* Rush::Entry
* Rush::Commands
* Rush::File
* Rush::Dir
* Rush::Process

== Meta

rush was written by Adam Wiggins (adam at heroku dot com)

Patches contributed by: Chihiro Ito, Gabriel Ware, Michael Schutte

Logo by James Lindenbaum

rush is released under the MIT License: