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Forked from git:// "max" branch on 9/10/2017
Up to date with "max" branch as of 3/3/2018

Many changes:
- udp python audio server and remote player
- wireshark fixes (experimental)
- ability to configure NAC 0x000 in trunk.tsv and have system use first NAC decoded
- integrated N8UR logging changes to
- ability to adjust fine tuning in real time (,./<> keys in terminal) 
- ability to dynamically resize the curses terminal
- ability to dunamically turn plots on and off from the terminal (keys 1-5)
- new 'mixer' output plot (terminal key 5) to assist with fine tuning
- reworked trunking hold/release logic that improves Phase 1 audio on some systems
- decoding and logging of encryption sync info ("ESS") at log level 10 (-v 10)
- ability to silence the playing of encrypted audio
- encrypted audio flag shown on terminal screen
- source radio id displayed on terminal screen (if available)
- supports IP addresses or host names for --wireshark-host (-W) parameter
- decode and pass voice channel sourced trunk signaling up to trunking module
- added optional trunk group priority parameter to end of tgid-tags.tsv file
- added ability to handle ranges of tgid in blacklist/whitelist files

New command line options:
  --fine-tune      : sub-ppm tuning adjustment
  --wireshark-port : facilitates multiple instances of
  --udp-player     : enable built-in audio player
  --nocrypt        : silence encrypted audio

NOTE 1: using the --nocrypt command line option will silence encrypted audio, but the trunking logic will cause the application to remain on the active tgid until the transmission ends.  It is generally preferable to blacklist tgids that are always encrypted rather than simply silence them.  Use the --nocrypt functionality to silence occasional encrypted transmissions on mixed use tgids.

NOTE 2: trunk id to tag mapping file (tgid-tags.tsv) can contain an optional 3rd numeric parameter to be used as the trunk priority when simultaneous calls are present on the system being monitored.  Default priority is 3 if not explicitly specified.  Lower numeric value = higher priority.  Data columns are separated by a single TAB character.

11501	TB FIRE DISP	2
11502	TB FIRE TAC2	3
11503	TB FIRE TAC3	3
11504	TB FIRE TAC4	4
11505	TB FIRE TAC5	3