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Bolt SEO extension

The Bolt SEO extension is an extension to help you improve the search engine indexing of your Bolt website in a number of ways. It does this by:

  • Allowing you to specify the SEO title and meta-description for your pages.
  • Adding meta tags to your HTML to facilitate indexing of your pages using meta tags and OG tags.
  • Override the canonical, if you really want to.
  • Set the <meta name="robots">-tag.


To use this extension, you should add a field to your contenttypes, and add the tags to the header of your HMTL templates.

In your contenttypes, you should add a single seo field. The extenion will use this to store the data for the different fields that show in the backend when editing a record. Simply add it to your fields like this;

    name: Pages
    singular_name: Page
            type: seo
            group: "SEO settings"

You can assign the fields their own tab, using the group: 'SEO settings', to keep them organised in the backend.

After you've done this, it will look like this in the Bolt backend:

To add the SEO title and Meta tags to your HTML, edit your templates (the 'master' or 'header') to have the following:

    <title>{{ seo.title() }}</title>
    {{ seo.metatags() }}

When you've done this, all pages that make use of these templates will automatically have the correct <title> tag and the meta- and OG-tags.

Configure the 'meta tags' output

By default, the output of the meta-tags is defined in the file extensions/vendor/bobdenotter/seo/twig/_metatags.twig. If you'd like to configure this output, you shouldn't edit this file directly. If you do, changes will be overwritten on subsequent updates of this extension. Instead, in /app/config/extensions/seo.bobdenotter.yml uncomment the following lines:

    meta: _metatags.twig

Next, copy the file _metatags.twig to your theme folder, and the extension will pick it up from there.

Note: This is a new extension, so the functionality is still pretty bare bones. What's there works well, but there is probably a lot of functionality to add, to improve search engine indexing. If you'd like to contribute, or have a good idea, feel free to open an issue on the tracker at the SEO Extension repository on Github.

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