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Storj collectd plugin

This nodejs command is meant to be used with collectd exec plugin to monitor your nodes along with some Grafana/influxdb like solution.

Grafana dashboard built with influxdb + collectd + storj-collectd-plugin


Using yarn:

yarn global add storj-collectd-plugin

Using npm:

npm install -g storj-collectd-plugin

Then you need to add the following lines in your collectd config:

# /etc/collectd/collectd.conf

LoadPlugin exec

<Plugin exec>
        Exec "youruser" "collectd-storj-exec-plugin"

Finally, add the following lines in /usr/share/collectd/types.db:

peers                   value:GAUGE:0:U
shared                  value:GAUGE:0:U
restarts                value:GAUGE:0:U
contracts               value:GAUGE:0:U
delta                   value:GAUGE:0:U
percentused             value:GAUGE:0:100
datareceived            value:GAUGE:0:U
resptime                value:GAUGE:0:U
reputation              value:GAUGE:0:U
timeoutrate             value:GAUGE:0:U
lastseen                value:GAUGE:0:U
lasttimeout             value:GAUGE:0:U
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