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The S.F.T. Setup Gizmo, a wizard-based SETUP creation utility for MS Windows

For licensing information, see LICENSE.

#Description This program lets you quickly create a 'Setup' for your Windows application, one that allows you to have custom options, OS-dependent installs, and a self-extracting (downloadable) install.

The SETUP and UNINSTALL utilities are statically linked to prevent DLL Hell problems, and are specially designed to be VERY VERY SMALL when compiled, even with the statically-linked runtime.

The S.F.T. Setup Gizmo was once intended to be a commercial product. Unfortunately it did not sell, probably because it was not marketed very well. However, as I believe it has merit for OPEN SOURCE projects, I have released it as an open source project itself.

The source is available in the 'source' directory. Some required files are missing; these are Microsoft owned components available in the Windows 7 SDK.

Binary images (self-extracting .exe) and the help file (.chm) are available in the 'binaries' directory.

#Platform The source was built on Windows 7 using DevStudio 2010 and the self- extracting setup built using this version of the S.F.T. Setup Gizmo. Any other windows versions or compiler environments may not work correctly.

I choose to continue using Windows 7 because it is BETTER (in my opinion) than either 8, 8.1, or 10. Microsoft has changed too many things and I do NOT like the changes. I said the same thing when '.Net' was released.

So I will support these 'other things' but not with a lot of enthusiasm.


Much of the documentation is VERY old. This program was originally written around 1998, and as such has a LOT of legacy. Most of the legacy has been removed (XP or later supported) to avoid compiler-related problems caused by attempting to support earlier versions of windows. Some remains in commented-out code, so if you want to modify it for earlier windows versions, you have the source and are welcome to do so.


The 'source/ClassLib' directory contains a library project that is in essence an 'MFC Clone', written from scratch to comply with the functionality (and in some cases, the naming) of MFC classes and functions. The reason I did so was that statically linked MFC has grown in size to about 1.5Mb which I think is completely UNACCEPTABLE. I want my executables to be TINY, not BLOATED.

If you want to make use of this 'ClassLib' project, it's also open source and licensed in the same way as the rest of the code. I happen to think that my CString and CArray clones are pretty good, though not written for efficiency. Again, it's supposed to be SMALL.


The S.F.T. Setup Gizmo, a wizard-based SETUP creation utility for MS Windows. Originally intended to be a commercial product. Now freeware (for non-commercial use).








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