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CoiniumServ is a high performance, extremely efficient, platform-agnostic, easy to setup pool server implementation. It features stratum and vanilla services, reward, payment, share processors, vardiff & ban managers, user-friendly embedded web-server & front-end and a full-stack API.

CoiniumServ was created to be used for mining pool network at first hand. You can check some of pools of the pools running CoiniumServ.



CoiniumServ running over mono & ubuntu

Embedded web frontend

Embedded web frontend


Latest release: v0.2.6.2

Getting Started

Start by checking our Getting Started guide for installation instructions for *nix and Windows.


User Support

Start by reading our FAQ and wiki. You can also use our issues page to report bugs.



  • Platform Agnostic; unlike other pool-servers, CoiniumServ doesn't dictate platforms and can run on anything including Windows, Linux or MacOS.
  • High Performance; Designed to be fast & efficient, CoiniumServ can handle dozens of pools together.
  • Modular & Flexible; Designed to be modular since day one so that you can implement your very own ideas.
  • Free & Open-Source; Best of all CoiniumServ is open source and free-to-use. You can get it running for free in minutes.
  • Easy to Setup; We got your back covered with our guides & how-to's.
  • Multiple pools & ports
  • Multiple coin daemon connections
  • Supports POW (proof-of-work) coins
  • Supports POS (proof-of-stake) coins
  • Scrypt, SHA256d, X11, X13, X14, X15, X17, Blake, Fresh, Fugue, Groestl, Keccak, NIST5, Scrypt-OG, Scrypt-N, SHA1, SHAvite3, Skein, Qubit, C11
  • Stratum
  • show_message support
  • block template support
  • generation transaction support
  • transaction message (txMessage) support
  • Getwork [experimental]
Storage Layers
  • Hybrid mode (redis + mysql)
  • MPOS compatibility (mysql)
Embedded Web Server
  • Customizable front-end
  • Full stack json-api
Addititional Features
  • ✔ Vardiff support
  • ✔ Ban manager (that can handle miners flooding with invalid shares)
  • ✔ Share & Payment processor, Job Manager


  • We have implemented extensive tests for all important functionality and never merge in code that breaks tests and stuff. Yet again, when a new functionality is introduced we also expect proper tests to be implemented within the PR. In simple words, most probably you won't notice any functionality-breaking changes within the repository.
  • A strict ruleset for the Development Model. You can follow our bleeding-edge Develop branch or stay with-in the stable Master branch.

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