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CoiniumServ is a high performance, extremely efficient, platform-agnostic, easy to setup pool server implementation. It features stratum and vanilla services, reward, payment, share processors, vardiff & ban managers, user-friendly embedded web-server & front-end and a full-stack API.

CoiniumServ was created to be used for Coinium.org mining pool network at first hand. You can check some of pools of the pools running CoiniumServ.



CoiniumServ running over mono & ubuntu

Embedded web frontend

Embedded web frontend


Latest release: v0.2.5 beta

Getting Started

Start by checking our Getting Started guide for installation instructions for *nix and Windows.


User Support

Start by reading our FAQ and wiki. You can also use our issues page to report bugs.


Support the project

You can support the development of the project with different methods;

Bountysource tip for next commit Gratipay


You can contribute the development of the project by donating;

  • BTC: 18qqrtR4xHujLKf9oqiCsjmwmH5vGpch4D
  • LTC: LMXfRb3w8cMUBfqZb6RUkFTPaT6vbRozPa
  • DOGE: DM8FW8REMHj3P4xtcMWDn33ccjikCWJnQr
  • RDD: Rb9kcLs96VDHTmiXVjcWC2RBsfCJ73UQyr

If you would like to automatically donate a percentage of your pool's earning to support the project, check the donation setup guide.


Here is a list of our generous donors that keep the project ongoing;


  • Platform Agnostic; unlike other pool-servers, CoiniumServ doesn't dictate platforms and can run on anything including Windows, Linux or MacOS.
  • High Performance; Designed to be fast & efficient, CoiniumServ can handle dozens of pools together.
  • Modular & Flexible; Designed to be modular since day one so that you can implement your very own ideas.
  • Free & Open-Source; Best of all CoiniumServ is open source and free-to-use. You can get it running for free in minutes.
  • Easy to Setup; We got your back covered with our guides & how-to's.
  • Multiple pools & ports
  • Multiple coin daemon connections
  • Supports POW (proof-of-work) coins
  • Supports POS (proof-of-stake) coins
  • Scrypt, SHA256d, X11, X13, X14, X15, X17, Blake, Fresh, Fugue, Groestl, Keccak, NIST5, Scrypt-OG, Scrypt-N, SHA1, SHAvite3, Skein, Qubit
  • Stratum
    • show_message support
    • block template support
    • generation transaction support
    • transaction message (txMessage) support
  • Getwork [experimental]
Storage Layers
  • Hybrid mode (redis + mysql)
  • MPOS compatibility (mysql)
Embedded Web Server
  • Customizable front-end
  • Full stack json-api
Addititional Features
  • ✔ Vardiff support
  • ✔ Ban manager (that can handle miners flooding with invalid shares)
  • ✔ Share & Payment processor, Job Manager


  • We have implemented extensive tests for all important functionality and never merge in code that breaks tests and stuff. Yet again, when a new functionality is introduced we also expect proper tests to be implemented within the PR. In simple words, most probably you won't notice any functionality-breaking changes within the repository.
  • A strict ruleset for the Development Model. You can follow our bleeding-edge Develop branch or stay with-in the stable Master branch.

Start reading by these;

Commercial Licensing

Alternatively, you can license this software under a commercial license or white-label it as set out in licenses/commercial.txt.