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MPOS is a web based Mining Portal for various crypto currencies. It was originally created by TheSerapher and has hence grown quite large. It's now used by many pools out there and is a good starting point to learn more about mining and running pools in general. There is no active development done on the project by the orignal developers but we still merge PRs!


Donations to this project are going directly to TheSerapher, the original author of this project:

  • BTC address: 1HuYK6WPU8o3yWCrAaADDZPRpL5QiXitfv
  • LTC address: Lge95QR2frp9y1wJufjUPCycVsg5gLJPW8

Website Footer

When you decide to use MPOS please be so kind and leave the footer intact. You are not the author of the software and should honor those that have worked on it. Keeping the footer intact helps spreading the word. Leaving the donation address untouched allows miners to donate to the author.

Pools running MPOS

You can find a list of active pools here.


This setup has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 13.04 and CentOS. It should also work on any related distribution (RHEL, Debian).

Be aware that MPOS is only for pooled mining. Solo Mining is not supported. They will never match an upstream share, solo miners do not create any shares, only blocks. Expect weird behavior if trying to mix them. See #299 for full information.

  • 64-bit system
  • Otherwise some coins will display wrong network hashrates
  • Apache2
  • libapache2-mod-php5
  • PHP 5.4+
  • php5-json
  • php5-mysqlnd
  • php5-memcached
  • php5-curl
  • MySQL Server
  • mysql-server
  • memcached
  • stratum-mining
  • litecoind


The following feature have been implemented so far:

  • Fully re-written GUI with Smarty templates
  • Full file based template support
  • VARDIFF Support
  • Reward Systems
  • Propotional, PPS and PPLNS
  • New Theme
  • Live Dashboard
  • AJAX Support
  • Overhauled API
  • Bootstrap
  • Web User accounts
  • Re-Captcha protected registration form
  • Worker accounts
  • Worker activity
  • Worker hashrates
  • Pool statistics
  • Block statistics
  • Pool donations, bonuses, fees and block bonuses
  • Manual and auto payout
  • Transaction list
  • Admin Panel
  • Cron Monitoring Overview
  • User Listing including statistics
  • Wallet information
  • User Transactions
  • News Posts
  • Pool Settings
  • Pool Workers
  • User Reports
  • Notification system
  • IDLE Workers
  • New blocks found in pool
  • Auto Payout
  • Manual Payout
  • User-to-user Invitation System
  • Support for various coins via coin class and config
  • All scrypt coins
  • All sha256d coins
  • All x11 coins
  • Others may be supported by creating a custom coin class


Please take a look at the Quick Start Guide. This will give you an idea how to setup MPOS. Please be aware that the master branch is our currently considered stable system while development is used as a test bed for all upcoming changes for master. If you wish to run a stable, well tested system ensure you run git checkout master. If you decide to stick to the development branch with bleeding edge code and potential bugs, just git clone the project.


This project was meant to allow users to easily customize the system and templates. Hence no upstream framework was used to keep it as simple as possible. If you are just using the system, there will be no need to adjust anything. Things will work out of the box! But if you plan on creating your own theme, things are pretty easy:

  • Create a new theme folder in templates/
  • Create a new site_assets folder in public/site_assets
  • Create your own complete custom template or copy from an existing one
  • Change your theme in the Admin Panel and point it to the newly created folder

The good thing with this approach: You can keep the backend code updated! Since your new theme will never conflict with existing themes, a simple git pull will keep your installation updated. You decide which new feature you'd like to integrate on your own theme. Bugfixes to the code will work out of the box!

Other customizations are also possible but will require merging changes together. Usually users would not need to change the backend code unless they wish to work on non-existing features in MPOS. For the vast majority, adjusting themes should be enough to highlight your pool from others.

In all that, I humbly ask to keep the MPOS author reference and Github URL intact.


You can contribute to this project in different ways:

  • Report outstanding issues and bugs by creating an Issue
  • Fork the project, create a branch and file a pull request against development to improve the code itself


This product is not actively developed anymore. For setup and installation support, please find help in other channels. This projects issue tracker is used for bugs and issues with the core code, not for general help in setting up and running pool.

Team Members

Author and Project Owner: TheSerapher aka Sebastian Grewe

Past developers that helped on MPOS in the early days:

License and Author

Copyright 2012, Sebastian Grewe

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.