These IP addresses were scanned by the Carna botnet, but Nmap's OS detection scanner wasn't able to match their fingerprints.
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WANTED: OS Fingerprints!

These IP addresses were scanned by the Carna botnet using Nmap. Nmap's OS detection scanner was able to grab good-quality fingerprints for them, but the fingerprints didn't match anything in our database.

How you can help

Please help the Nmap team! If you own or administer any of these IP addresses, please install the latest version of Nmap and run the following Nmap command and submit the results:

sudo nmap -O -sSU -T4 -d $IP_ADDRESS

Finding your IP addresses

The CSV files in this repository are sorted and split according to IP. If you know which IP ranges you can help with, view the appropriate CSV file and use Github's CSV filtering interface to find them. The files also have reverse-DNS names where available, so you can search by domain name, too.

I don't own any of these IPs. Can I still help?

You bet! In order to stay on top of the hordes of new operating systems and application versions that are released every day, Nmap needs the community to scan and submit OS fingerprints and service fingerprints. Before you do, be sure to update to the latest version of Nmap; this will ensure that you don't submit something Nmap already knows about. Plus, you will improve your view of your own network, and take advantage of new features, fingerprints, and optimizations.