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Eternity is a minimalist Hugo theme designed for portfolio sites with a fresh feel.


This project is currently not being actively maintained.
Please do not create new issues on GitHub.
If you urgently require assistance, reach out via email to


If you are interested in taking over the maintenance of this project, please get in touch.
Your support would be greatly appreciated!




Used by

Feel free to add your site here.


  • Configurable features.

  • Multiple images support.

  • Clean, fresh, minimalist.

  • Integrated lazy load.

  • Automatically creates resized thumbnails.

  • Shows exif if it exists.


  1. Install Hugo.

  2. Create a new site.

    hugo new site yoursite
    cd yoursite
  3. Remove default config file.

    rm hugo.toml

    If you use an older version of Hugo (< v0.110.0), your config might be called differently:

    rm config.toml
  4. Submodule the theme.

    git init
    git submodule add --depth=1 themes/eternity
  5. Create config.yaml;
    Apply (1) or (2).

    1. Use the example project (recommended).
      Copy all files from the example project.
      cp -r ./themes/eternity/example/* .
    2. Use empty content.
      Copy example config.
      cp ./themes/eternity/config.example.yaml ./config.yaml
  6. Start the server.

    hugo serve --port 1313
  7. Go to localhost:1313.


To get last updates, just git pull.

cd themes/eternity && git pull && cd -

Usage of Posts

Go to posts documentation.

Usage of Config.yaml

Go to config documentation.

Editing Style

Go to style documentation.


If you need to contact us for any reason; send a mail to