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Rogue AI Dungeon!
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Rogue AI Dungeon

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A Rogue-like game based on the battlecode API. We hope this game will be fun and help people prepare to compete in battlecode!

Check out the latest version!

We're going to program this during the 2016 7DRL challenge.

We'll do the work in two phases.

Phase 1: Pre-7DRL (create and vet the API)

  1. re-create the battlecode api (before 7DRL begins)
  2. create a prototype using it (before 7DRL begins)

Phase 2: During 7DRL (Create the game!)

  1. create a rich UI
  2. create and balance the game concept/rules
  3. create and balance levels
  4. create leaderboard

We believe this is in the spirit of the 7DRL challenge.

Local Development

Make sure you have node and npm installed.

npm install -g browserify
cd raid/
npm install

Then you simply build the project and start a simple server:

npm run build
npm run serve

Open your browser to localhost:8000 and tada! As you make changes you'll have to run npm run build again.


Error: EMFILE, open '/.../node_modules/react-bootstrap/package.json'

Your file limit it too low for browserify, fix it with:

ulimit -n 2560
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