Python library to print raster graphics on Brother PT-P950NW and PT-9800PCN
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rasterprynt is a Python library and program to print raster graphics on various label printers. As of writing, the following printers are supported:

  • Brother PT P950NW
  • Brother PT 9800PCN

This uses an undocumented reverse-engineered protocol, similar to the one in use by brother_ql.

At the moment, the tape width is fixed at 18mm and the quality as high, but patches are always welcome.


As a depency, depend on the PyPi package rasterprynt. To install dependencies for a command-line installation, type

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Command Line Usage

All functionality is available as a command-line program, like this:

$ python -m rasterprynt img1.png img2.jpg img1.png --top-margin 10

Library Usage

The main method is rasterprynt.prynt, which takes a list of images. Cuts will be inserted in between the images.

import rasterprynt

import PIL.Image

# Enter the IP address of your printer below
printer_ip = ''

img1 ='example1.png')
img2 ='example2.png')
data = rasterprynt.prynt([img1, img2, img1], printer_ip)

Additional utilities provides a way to do the reverse transformation.