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Zelch 128 (C)1991-2017 William Fink, Bo Zimmerman
Please read the LICENSE file for license information
Please read the NOTICE file for credits information

The Zelch 128 Package is in CBM Prg Studio format.  If you'd like to
download the binaries, just visit: and scroll to the bottom.


The Zelch 128 distribution package consists of two disks.  

The first 1571 (.D71) disk is the BOOT disk, and consists of the following files:

bbs.ascii edit,p
v3.0 2000,p
v3.0 3d00,p
crsr 0e00,p
ascii 3b00,p
ansi 3a00,p
p-xfer 1300,p
x-xfer 1300,p
l-xfer 1300,p
k-xfer 1300,p
prg.zapterm,p user,p
prg.msg bases,p booth,p
prg.misc,p,p,p utils,p
prg.u/d bases,p,p

The second 1571 (.D71) disk is the CONFIGURATIONS disk and consists of the following files:,p
conf.elite boot,p,p trek,p
prg.bbs list,p

To build the files for these disks, you'll need three programs.  One, obviously, is CBM prg studio.  The other is DirMaster, or some other program that lets you copy files into a blank .D71 image.  The last is either an emulator to run the disks on, or a program to copy the images to real floppies.

The first step is to load CBM prg studio.  Then click on the menu options Build->Project->To File to Generate .prg files. If any Assembly files give you an extra window "Assembly Dump", you can just hit the X to close this and ignore it.

The next step is to copy the files for the boot disk into a .D71 image, in the order shown above.  Please note that some of the files will need to be renamed after they are copied into the image.  These are: "prg.u - d bases," which should be renamed to "prg.u/d bases", "main ml" which should be renamed to "v3.0 2000", "interrupts" which should be renamed to "v3.0 3d00", "ansi" should be renamed to "ansi 3a00", and "ascii" renamed to "ascii 3b00".  Also, the SEQ (,s) files mentioned above can be found in the project "data" directory, such as sys.text and sys.variables, and copied in as-is.

Next is to build the files for the configuration disk into a different .D71 image.  Most of the "prg.*" files can be built from the other CBM Prg Studio in the "extras" directory.  Load the "Zelch 128 Extras" project from that directory and built the specific programs shown in the configurations disk above.  For the SEQ files, once again, you can copy the from the main projects "data" directory.

The last step is to either load up your emulator, or copy the images to real floppies, and get to work.  Instructions from here on are covered by the documentation in the projects docs directory.  


The main program disk and the configurations disk are really all you need to get started, but there are numerous optional programs in the "extras" directory off the main project.  These are built from the Zelch 128 Extras CBM Prg Studio project.  Several of these extra programs also have data files of their own, which are located in the data directory off the extras directory.

Most of the programs in the extras can be used as-is, either as Online-BASIC programs, or as Zelch-Specific modules.  Which are which is listed here, along with some specific details on using some of the special ones.


Full featured Bulletin Board System (BBS) for C= C128 computer




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