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spade - JavaScript module loader

Spade is a module loader for use with bpm By default BPM loads all JavaScript files alphabetically. However, for more complex projects this is undesirable. Spade adds a require method that can be called to load and execute specific files.

Basic Usage

In an existing BPM project:

  1. Add spade as a dependency

    bpm add spade

  2. Update your index.html When using spade, files are no longer automatically loaded, so you'll have to update your index.html to load your main.js. After bpm_lib.js is sourced add the following line:

  3. Start using require in your JavaScript!

Useful Tips

Like node.js, require can return a JavaScript object. However, unlike node.js you can define globals within your files. The ability to define globals makes it easier to develop in a browser environment.