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Ruby library for MusicBrainz Web Service (
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MBWS is a Ruby library for accessing MusicBrainz's ( XML Web Service. This library is currently in development, it is missing some features and is lacking a lot of documention.

== Introduction

MusicBrainz's Web Service ( offers four resources Artist, Label, Release, and Track. You can access each object individually by their MBID (unique identifier) or you can search each resource as a collection either by specific parameters (name,date, title, etc.) or with a lucene query (

When accessing a specific object by its MBID you can also have the query return extra information (an artist's releases, a release's tracks and so on).

Access to these resources is provided by matching Ruby classes: MBWS::Artist, MBWS::Release, MBWS::Track, and MBWS::Label.

== Usage

=== Finding an individual object

If you know an object's MBID you can find it directly.

  artist = Artist.find("c0b2500e-0cef-4130-869d-732b23ed9df5")

You can also include extended information. For example, if you want to returnan artist's aliases and their 'Official' single artist albums.

  artist = Artist.find("c0b2500e-0cef-4130-869d-732b23ed9df5",:inc => [:aliases, :sa-Official])

=== Searching a collection

You can search for an object, in this case the class will return an array.

  releases = Release.find(:title => "Hour", :artist => "Jaw")

It is also possible to use a text search using the lucene query syntax.

  releases = Release.find(:query => '"the understanding" AND artist:royksopp')

This type of search is describe here Note that when using either of these search methods, it is not possible to include extended information via the :inc parameter. Also, all other parameters are ignored if the query parameter is set.

=== Relations between objects

The classes are related (hopefully) as you would expect. For example, you can retrieve all of an artists's releases from an artist object.

  artist = Artist.find("c0b2500e-0cef-4130-869d-732b23ed9df5")
  releases = @artist.releases

Further documentation can be found in each Classes individual documentation: MBWS::Artist, MBWS::Release, MBWS::Label.
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