Material Design Floating Action Button in NativeScript apps.
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XML widget to create the Material Design Floating Action Button for NativeScript apps.

Material Design Floating Action Button Spec


NativeScript 2.x

tns plugin add nativescript-floatingactionbutton@^2.2.7

NativeScript 3+

tns plugin add nativescript-floatingactionbutton


No extra configuration is required for the FAB View component.


FAB Android Screenshot FAB iOS Screenshot

Multiple FAB/Swipe Animation Support

FAB Animations



NOTE The sample XML here will position the FAB on top of the ListView. There is no need for absolute positioning due to using a GridLayout row/col settings.
<Page xmlns="" loaded="pageLoaded"
        <ActionBar title="Native FAB" backgroundColor="#3F51B5" color="#fff" />
    <grid-layout rows="auto, *">
        <list-view row="1" items="{{ users }}">
                <label text="{{ name }}" textWrap="true" fontSize="18" margin="20" />
            <FAB:fab tap="fabTap"
                     class="fab-button" />

PLEASE NOTE: The fab is on the same row number as the listview

Angular NativeScript

import { registerElement } from "nativescript-angular/element-registry";
registerElement("Fab", () => require("nativescript-floatingactionbutton").Fab);
    <FAB (tap)="fabTap()" icon="res://ic_add_white" rippleColor="#f1f1f1" class="fab-button"></FAB>


Recommended CSS styles.

.fab-button {
    height: 70;
    width: 70; /// this is required on iOS - Android does not require width so you might need to adjust styles 
    margin: 15;
    background-color: #ff4081; 
    horizontal-align: right; 
    vertical-align: bottom; 


exports.fabTap = function(args) {


Property Android iOS Description Note
backgroundColor X X Sets the background color of the button
icon X X Supports the same image source options that NativeScript images support Required on android
rippleColor X Ripple color on lollipop devices, it will fill the FAB on pre-lollipop devices None
hideOnSwipeOfView X X Directs the fab to animate itself in and out on scroll Pass it the name of the view to monitor for a scroll event example: hideOnSwipeOfView="userListView"
hideAnimationDuration X X How many milliseconds it takes for the button to hide. Default if not set: 300ms
swipeAnimation X X slideDown, slideUp, slideLeft, slideRight, scale Default is slideDown

NativeScript Compatibility

NativeScript Version FloatingActionButton Plugin Version
1.6+ 2.+
1.5 1.91

iOS Notes

  • We're using MNFloatingActionButton by Matt Nydam
  • Width\Height are requried properties
  • icon is a required property, if left as empty string default will be shown

Release Notes


  • Scale iOS images to 1/2 height
  • swipeAnimation property added to define animations for the FAB