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MTWarden Rails 5.1 Multi-Tenancy Engine Documentation

PHC MTWarden Rails 5.1 engine adds a separate multi-tenant layer that handles all user registrations, multi-tenancy app functions, and login through subdomains using Warden authentication gem.

Step 1 - Add Mtwarden to your gemfile and run command

gem 'mtwarden', '~> 16.0'
bundle exec install  

Step 2 - Add and migrate mtwarden database tables

rake railties:install:migrations  
rake db:migrate  

Step 3 - Mount the Engine in your Routes File

Add this line at the top of the routes.rb file.

require 'mtwarden/constraints/subdomain_required'  

Step 4 - Mount the Engine in your Routes File

Add this line at the end of the routes.rb file.

mount Mtwarden::Engine, :at => '/'  

Step 5 - Constrain the routes you want secured under multi-tenancy in your routes.rb file.

All the routes you want to have multi-tenancy login functions goes in between the constraints block.

constraints(Mtwarden::Constraints::SubdomainRequired) do  
	# Routes Requiring Security & Multi-Tenancy Routes    
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