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This is a working document, things will update and move around to reflect reality. Things are not set in stone in this document. Brave members are expected to update this document to reflect reality to share current status with community.

Milestone 1: Open sourceable (December 2017 - February 2018)

  • Adblock off the main thread
  • Tracking protection off the main thread
  • HTTPS Everywhere off the main thread
  • Browser action for shields panel, implemented through an extension
  • macOS installer
  • Windows silent installer
  • Basic JS blocking via shields
  • URL bar suggestions from Alexa and search suggestions off by default
  • Debranding
  • WebUI basic framework used by payments, new tab page and welcome page
  • Geolocations
  • produce build on Linux / Win that changes tab shape
  • Signing build / installer on Windows
  • Linux debs / rpms
  • Upload symbols and bins to GitHub
  • Ability to override cc files for less patching to chromium src
  • new tab page impl
  • welcome page impl
  • produce build on macOS that changes tab shape
  • Restore last session by default
  • Disable search autocomplete and use alexa top 500
  • Transifex tooling and app localization
  • Extension localization tooling
  • Canvas / WebGL Fingerprinting protection

Milestone 2: Builds with updates (March 2018 - May 2018)

  • Audio / WebRTC fingerprinting protection
  • Third party fingerprinting protection
  • Noscript with per origin selections
  • Updating DAT files via an extension.
  • Removing Chrome extension store support.
  • Create whitelist for extension installation.
  • Import from Chrome
  • Multiple channels support
  • Fine tune Chrome default settings
  • Automated browser tests framework
  • Site hacks
  • New tab private search engine selection UI
  • Signing on macOS
  • Proxy Safe Browsing
  • Disable Flash by default per v1 Flash plan
  • Disable PDFium and use PDF.js
  • Generate brave-extensions for DAT files and themes
  • Get proper Debug builds working
  • Newtab private search engine UI

Milestone 3: Unadvertised Dev channel builds (June 2018 - July 2018)

  • Import from browser-laptop based Brave (Garrett in-progress)
  • Widevine
  • Jumbo UI on Windows
  • Linux deb and rpm signing.
  • Native-Ledger integration into brave-core
  • Rewards hooking up into delegates and observers
  • Stats when you click on a number in brave shields panel (Cezar)
  • update ping stats
  • Crash reporting
  • Local welcome page w/ placeholder
  • Local welcome page UI impl
  • Chromium 68 rebase
  • Fix any remaining chromium branding things here. (Jocelyn, in progress)
  • CI for builds using buildbot
  • Update client and server work to do updates
  • Windows stub installer from Omaha server
  • Regional ad-block
  • brave:// protocol support
  • Get automated WebUI tests running on Travis

Milestone 4: Dev channel Releasable builds for 0.55.x (August 2018)

  • Chromium 69 rebase
  • Autoplay
  • Rewards UI integration into brave-core (Nejc)
  • UGP
  • Allow a different private search engine to tie into private newtab UI
  • Cosmetic filter blocking
  • Dev channel dark theme
  • Bookmarks star button on the left
  • Chromium 70 rebase
  • Verify no calls are made out to Google
  • Extensions installable from CWS, updatable
  • Moving BAT & Brave icon into URL bar
  • Colors and tab shape v1
  • Webtorrent
  • go-update component update server

Milestone 5: Release channel Releasable builds for 0.55.x -- released on (September-October 2018)

  • Tor private windows
  • Tab shape
  • Hide settings which are not applicable
  • Colors v2
  • URL bar centered changes
  • Fix Widevine
  • Default Brave shield preferences
  • Manage script should not show enforced by extension
  • Referral promo
  • Tipping and donations

Milestone 6: 0.56.x

  • New shields redesign
  • More UI work
  • Get automated C++ tests running on Travis

Milestone 6: 0.57.x

  • Add import of more Brave legacy things
  • Start migrate muon users
  • Fix extensions compat
  • Fix some blocking issues

Milestone 6: 0.58.x

  • Tipping banner
  • More import settings from Brave old (search settings)
  • Fix relaunch after update
  • Fixed PDFs not loading on certain websites when they are behind basic authentication

Milestone 6: 0.59.x

  • Bookmarks Sync
  • Ads integration landing into brave-core possibly disabled behind a flag
  • Add Widevine detection to show up for install any time Widevine is attempted to be accessed.
  • Allow disabling PDF.js in settings

Milestone 7: 0.60.x

  • Ads integration into Brave-core w/ blind token confirmations


  • Make store
  • Private tabs instead of just private windows
  • More UI customizations to differentiate from Chrome look
  • Tab pages?
  • Tab previews
  • Translations (Chrome parity)
  • Pinned tab differences
  • Clear private data on shutdown
  • Session windows
  • Restyling bookmarks, history, preferences
  • IPFS integration
  • Settings redesign
  • Uphold widget / 2 way wallet?
  • Tipping on individual sub-content
  • Sync for other types of data
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