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Linux Development Environment

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System Requirements

Before you begin, ensure your system satisfies the system requirements.

Install additional build dependencies

You will need Git, Python 2.7, NodeJS >= 7.x, and npm.

Alternatively to npm, you can also use Yarn. We recommend following the Yarn install docs to install Yarn and a compatible version of NodeJS. After installing yarn you'll want to run yarn import to create a yarn.lock file from our package-lock.json.

If you are using Ubuntu, additionally install:

apt-get install build-essential libgnome-keyring-dev python-setuptools npm

You are now ready to clone and initialize the repo. After npm run init is finished, there is one final step to finish installing build dependencies. This shell script only works on Debian and Ubuntu but check system requirements for other distros:

# cd to brave-browser repo root

You might also want to try ./src/build/ --unsupported if above command gives an error about using a non supported Linux distribution.

Use ./src/build/ for android builds


Check out the upstream Checking out and building Chromium on Linux docs before filing an issue.

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