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GTFS node.js client
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node-GTFS loads transit data in GTFS format, unzips it and stores it to a MongoDB database. In addition, it provides some methods to query for agencies, routes, stops and times. It also has spatial queries to find nearby stops, routes and agencies.

Example Application

The GTFS-to-HTML app uses node-gtfs for downloading and querying GTFS data. It provides a good example of how to use this library.


You can clone from github:

git clone

cd node-gtfs

npm install

or install directly from npm:

npm install gtfs

cd node_modules/gtfs


Copy config-sample.js to config.js.

cp config-sample.js config.js

Before you can use gtfs-to-html you must specify the transit agencies you'd like to use.

You can specify agencies using a url to the GTFS file or a local path.

To find an agency's GTFS URL, visit You can use the direct URL from the agency or you can use a URL generated from the API along with your API token.

  • Specify a download URL:
    agency_key: 'county-connection',
    url: ''
  • Specify a path to a zipped GTFS file:
    agency_key: 'localAgency',
    path: '/path/to/the/'
  • Specify a path to an unzipped GTFS file:
    agency_key: 'localAgency',
    path: '/path/to/the/unzipped/gtfs/'

The mongodb URI should also be configured in config.js. The default database URI is: mongodb://localhost:27017/gtfs

Loading Data

Make sure mongo is running


Run the download script

npm run download


node ./scripts/download


To keep schedules up to date, you could schedule this to occur once per day.

Querying data

You can include this library in your project to expose some functions for querying GTFS data.


Include this library.

var gtfs = require('gtfs');



Returns an array of all agencies

gtfs.agencies(function(err, agencies) {


Agencies near a point

Returns an array of agencies within a radius of the lat, lon specified

gtfs.getAgenciesByDistance(lat, lon, radius, function(err, agencies) {


Get a specific agency

Returns an agency

gtfs.getAgency(agency_key, function(err, agency) {


Routes for an agency

Returns an array of routes for the agency_key specified

gtfs.getRoutesByAgency(agency_key, function(err, routes) {


Get a specific route

Returns a route for the route_id specified

gtfs.getRoutesById(agency_key, route_id, function(err, routes) {


Routes near a point

Returns an array of routes within a radius of the lat, lon specified

gtfs.getRoutesByDistance(lat, lon, radius, function(err, routes) {


radius is optional and in miles. Default: 1 mile

Routes that serve a specific stop

Returns an array of routes serving the agency_key and stop_id specified

gtfs.getRoutesByStop(agency_key, stop_id, function(err, routes) {


Stops by id

Returns an array of stops matching the stop_ids specified

gtfs.getStops(agency_key, stop_ids, function(err, stops) {


stop_ids can be a single stop_id or an array of stop_ids.

Stops by route

Returns an array of stops along the route_id for the agency_key and direction_id specified

gtfs.getStopsByRoute(agency_key, route_id, direction_id, function(err, stops) {


Stops near a point

Returns an array of stops within a radius of the lat, lon specified

gtfs.getStopsByDistance(lat, lon, radius, function(err, stops) {


radius is optional and in miles. Default: 1 mile

Stop times for a trip

Returns an array of stoptimes for the trip_id specified

gtfs.getStoptimesByTrip(agency_key, trip_id, function(err, stoptimes) {


Stop times by stop

Returns an array of stoptimes for the agency_key, route_id, stop_id and direction_id specified

gtfs.getStoptimesByStop(gency_key, route_id, stop_id, direction_id, function(err, stoptimes) {


Trips by route and direction

Returns an array of trips for the agency_key, route_id and direction_id specified

gtfs.getTripsByRouteAndDirection(gency_key, route_id, direction_id, service_ids, function(err, trips) {


service_ids is optional

Direction name by route

Returns an object of {northData: "Headsign north", southData: "Headsign south"} for the agency_key and route_id specified

gtfs.findBothDirectionNames(agency_key, route_id, function(err, directionNames) {


Shapes by route

Returns an array of shapes for the agency_key, route_id and direction_id specified

gtfs.getShapesByRoute(agency_key, route_id, direction_id, function(err, shapes) {


Coordinates by route

Returns an array of coordinates for the agency_key, and route_id specified

gtfs.getCoordinatesByRoute(agency_key, route_id, function(err, coordinates) {



Returns an array of calendars, optionally bounded by start_date and end_date

gtfs.getCalendars(agency_key, start_date, end_date, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, function(err, calendars) {


Calendars by serivce

Returns an array of calendars for the service_ids specified

gtfs.getCalendarsByService(service_ids, function(err, calendars) {


service_ids can be a single service_id or an array of service_ids.

Calendar Dates by service

Returns an array of calendarDates for the service_ids specified

gtfs.getCalendarDatesByService(service_ids, function(err, calendars) {


service_ids can be a single service_id or an array of service_ids.

Feed Info

Returns feed_info for the agency_key specified

gtfs.getFeedInfo(agency_key, function(err, feedinfo) {



Returns an array of timetables for the agency_key specified

gtfs.getTimetablesByAgency(agency_key, function(err, timetables) {


Timetable by id

Returns a timetable object matching the timetable_id specified

gtfs.getTimetable(agency_key, timetable_id, function(err, timetable) {


Route Directions by Route

Returns a route directions object matching the route_id and direction_id specified

gtfs.getRouteDirection(agency_key, route_id, direction_id, function(err, routeDirection) {



To run tests:

npm test
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