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[UNMAINTAINED] Woven is a Python library built on Fabric to deploy versioned Django projects served by Apache and Nginx on Linux servers.
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docs Get woven working with ec2
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README.txt that's a wrap. ding 0.7.0
setup.cfg added config for building docs remove Paramiko since Fabric has forked to ssh package


Woven deploys versioned Django projects onto Linux servers behind Nginx using Apache modwsgi by default. Woven is is built on `Fabric <>`_. 


.. note::

    Woven is still alpha software, and the api and conventions may change between versions. It is not recommended for production deployment at this stage. It has been tested (in the most loose sense of the term) using Ubuntu Server 10.04 hosts and greater. It may work on other debian based distributions (reports welcome). It currently *won't* work at all with Windows, due to use of rsync, and needs some work to be compatible with redhat based distributions.

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