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Kashti is a dashboard for your Brigade pipelines.
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Kashti is a dashboard for your Brigade pipelines.


Brigade provides event-driven scripting for Kubernetes. With a simple JavaScript file, you can build elaborate pipelines composed of multiple containers running in parallel or serially. Among other possible applications, Brigade can be used to build highly flexible CI/CD pipelines.

Kashti is a web dashboard for Brigade, helping you easily visualize and inspect your Brigade builds. Kashti gives you a deep view into your Brigade projects, scripts, and jobs.

This repo has a self-hosted demo

Installation and Configuration

Kashti is built atop Brigade. You can read the full Installation Guide to see how to install it into a cluster that already runs Brigade.

Kashti is Experimental

Kashti is in an early stage of development. To get started coding on Kashti, check out the Developer Guide


This Brigade project accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. This document outlines the process to help get your contribution accepted.

Signed commits

A DCO sign-off is required for contributions to repos in the brigadecore org. See the documentation in Brigade's Contributing guide for how this is done.

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