A block based rich text editor.
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Current development going on in scribe branch.

Note: This project is highly under development as it is being integrated into our CMS and the APIs are not consistent and can change at anytime. New features are added (or something is removed) based on the requirements of the CMS.

Kattappa demo

A block based Rich Text editor.

It uses:


  • For browserify users:

    • npm install kattappa.
    • var Kattappa = require('kattappa');
  • Or Download the latest release here.


See usage;

  • Current Blocks:

    • Text
    • Quote
    • Image
    • Horizontal Break
    • Ordered List
    • Unordered List
    • Embeds
      • Instagram
      • Vimeo
      • Youtube
      • Vine
      • Facebook
  • Extra features:

    • Blocks can be rearranged.
    • Existing blocks can be deleted.
    • Automatic image upload if UploadUrl is provided.


  • Add instructions to create custom blocks.

Made while working @ http://scroll.in

Currently being used in our internal CMS.