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Admin is a plugin system. On its own, it is useless. Plugins are where all the power comes from! This document lists core and community plugins.

Know about a plugin which is not yet listed in this document? Send a PR!


Core Plugins

  • config: A simple config viewer.
  • environment: A simple environment variable viewer.
  • healthcheck: Define custom healthchecks and verify application health.
  • index: The default landing page. Quite empty so far, but will be improved in the future.
  • measured: Exposes application metrics gathered via measured.
  • profile: Download CPU and heap profiles effortlessly.
  • report: Inspect node-report diagnostic summaries for running Node.js apps.
  • terminate: Terminates the running Node.js instance (useful for manual restarts in combination with schedulers).

Community Plugins

  • None so far.