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COMPO is a graphical design utility for creating compositions
in one or more specified areas of a printed page, or for creating
PNG or SVG images of arbitrary size.

You can find out what it is supposed to be able to do, and check its status at

To build and run it you'll need ensure you have the following libraries:

GTK+ 3.4 or better.

libgtkd-2.a - download the source from and build it - doesn't take long.

libcairo2 (>= 1.12.14) - For Ubuntu 12.04 you can download a .deb file to install that from Other Ubuntu versions are available there also. - the version on Ubuntu 12.04 is, but for some reason there is no symbolic link to it called So if you don't have that either, you can create the symlink, or specify the library explicitly as in

libusps4cb - This is a tiny US Postal Service library used in the creation of postal barcodes ( The 32 bit makefile uses libusps4cb.a, but the .a files are no longer available (bad decision - how many apps are you likely to have on your machine to print postal bar codes???), so for a 64 bit build, put somewhere that's on your library path. Both these files are in the compo/lib directory on GitHub. libusps4cb.a - 32 bit, - 64 bit.