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The Azure cloud is huge and the vast service catalog may appear daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be!
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Azure For Developers Workshop

The Azure cloud is huge (so that’s why they call it the cloud!) and the vast service catalog may appear daunting at first. It doesn’t have to be!


1 - Intro to Azure (pptx)

Let's start by learning the Azure basics!

We'll start by showing the different resources available in Azure, then demonstrate how to access them via the Azure Portal and the Azure Cloud Shell.

2 - Azure Storage (pptx)

How do you store stuff in the cloud? In this section we'll explore Azure Storage options including Azure Blob Storage and Azure File Storage.

3 - Hosting in Azure

In this section, we'll deploy our first website to Azure using Azure App Service. Then we'll connect it with Azure Application Insights for advanced logging and rich analytics.

4 - Azure Serverless

Serverless today is all the rage! In this section we'll create our first serverless workflow using Azure Functions.

5 - Azure DevOps

Sit back and relax while we demonstrate how to create a CI/CD pipeline using Azure DevOps.

6 - Cognitive Services

Let's add some AI to our app! In this section we will add Sentiment Analysis to the reviews for our Hotels 360 app. For this, we will be leveraging the Text Analytics API hosted by Cognitive Services

7 - Azure Security

In this section we will learn how to leverage the security tools available in Azure.

We'll start by learning more about Azure Security Center and how to leverage its recommendations to add extra layers of security to our app service.

Next, we'll move the secrets out our code and into Azure Key Vault. Key Vault leverages HSMs (hardware security modules) to help us avoid storing secrets in our source code.

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