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Visual Star Search

File Search

This plugin allows you to select some text using Vim's visual mode, then hit * and # to search for it elsewhere in the file. For example, hit V, select a strange sequence of characters like "$! $!", and hit star. You'll find all other runs of "$! $!" in the file.

By default, when you hit star while making a visual selection, vim extends the selection to the next word that matches the word under the cursor.

Recursive Search

If you hit <leader>* (\* unless you changed the mapleader), vim recursively vimgreps for the word under the cursor or the visual selection.

If you have already mapped <leader>* then visual star search won't override it. This is useful to set up your own search bindings. For example, to get visual-star-search to use Ag instead of vimgrep, add these two lines to your .vimrc.


It was originally derived from a post on Scrooloose's Blog.


  • visualstar
  • vsearch -- Godlygeek's file probably came from the same source and is looking great.
  • nelstrom's fork made some excellent changes. As of Oct 2014, they've been incorporated into this script.
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