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Configure browser versions to notify

By passing the object "required" you can specify the versions to notify: e.g.

$buoop = {

This means for example that Firefox ("f") 58 is required on the site and all verions before 58 (<58) will be notified.

Negative numbers specify how many versions behind the current version are required.

E.g. s:-1 means Safari version 10.1 is needed if latest version ist 11.1

0 means the latest version is needed.

Key Browser Note
e Edge Falls back to value specified in "i" when omitted
i Internet Explorer Falls back to value specified in "e" when omitted
c Chrome
f Firefox
o Opera
o_a Opera (Android)
s Safari
y Yandex Browser
v Vivaldi
uc UC Browser
ios iOS browser Falls back to "s" when omitted
samsung Samsung Internet (Android)

You can omit the configuration and it will fall back to a default.

Version history comparison uses "semantic version" comparison: e.g. "2.10">"2.1"

Use quotes around the version to clarify that 2.10 is not 2.1

You can also notify build versions: Be sure to use quotes in this case as it is no valid floating point number e.g c:"67.0.3396.12"

Notifying "insecure" browsers

The option insecure: true means that all browser that are severely insecure get notified. "Severly insecure" means that the browser has security issues that allow remote code execution and similar stuff, and that they are being actively exploited on the internet.

Notifying "unsupported" browsers

The option unsupported: true means that additionally to the browsers you set, also all browser versions that are not supplied with updates by the vendor any more get notified. Usually this is all but the latest version of the browser. Exceptions are Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox Long term support releases, which are still supported but are not the latest version.

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