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Releases: browsh-org/browsh


29 Jan 18:58
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What's Changed

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Full Changelog: v1.8.2...v1.8.3


31 Jan 02:27
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  • 010b853 chore: Release v1.8.2
  • 1591cf8 [scripts/misc.bash]Remove hard-coded arch in golang download, and use build platform arch instead.
  • b389228 Use Debian's firefox-esr instead of the standalone Mozilla build
  • a547ac7 ci: Run Github Actions for PRs as well as pushes
  • 7e68247 Use ENTRYPOINT instead of CMD in Dockerfile
  • 277ede9 ci: Also push Docker image 'latest' tag


20 Jul 19:43
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This is the first release in over 3 years, so I may well have forgotten some parts of the process, please let me know. Also, this release doesn't have any major changes, mostly minor bug fixes and complete dependency updates. The big thing is that I moved CI from Travis (where it'd stopped working) to Github Actions. So hopefully I'll have more confidence about just merging PRs.

Note that there is no v1.7.x because I used those versions in a private browsh-sandbox repo to develop the new CI process.


  • 3bc427f devops: Update release process for Github
  • 87bf16d devops: Update Docker process for releasing
  • 0ef4e64 chore: Update README
  • 07ccc9d chore: Upgrade all node deps
  • b4dae67 chore: Upgrade all Golang deps
  • 6ccf2af devops: Refactor CI to use
  • aaea254 fix: Don't load startup URL in HTTP Server mode
  • 1f20113 chore: Update .nvmrc to Node 16
  • 4a84be1 chore: Golang formatting
  • f34ccc7 devops: Move random scripts into central
  • 77fd0e6 chore: Move dev setup docs to root
  • 8810e48 tests: Migrate to Github Actions
  • 2792602 fix: build first
  • 4955e24 feat: github action for tests
  • 8d321c4 feat: github action for cross-compiling releases
  • 094d7b8 fix: conversion error
  • b4bfd1a fix: build, and go 1.18
  • 64c68a9 Fix Mac Build Environment Documentation
  • 540882e Added in Ctrl+U option for view-source (#355)
  • 4a082a5 Implemented detection of the Firefox flavor on Windows and fixed registry detection (#350)
  • 91148e8 Update (#344)
  • d3d72b0 Add donation link to README
  • 13dfd92 Improved CLI's flags and changed help page (#341)
  • 84f5382 Move to Go modules (#338)
  • 9282516 Bump lodash from 4.17.13 to 4.17.19 in /webext (#333)
  • 48afc96 Improve the mac guide (#322)
  • 7e945d3 Bump https-proxy-agent from 2.2.1 to 2.2.4 in /webext (#316)
  • 60e2b34 update main documentation to improve spelling (#330)
  • 98b5992 default to https for donate (#325)
  • fbcda45 Bring Go current in Travis (#292)
  • d9311bd Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.13 in /webext (#290)
  • 8880ac9 Bump eslint-utils from 1.3.1 to 1.4.3 in /webext (#289)
  • 658085f README: fix build script name (#287)
  • 5e8605a Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 in /webext (#286)
  • f62d7dc Change font family, fix invalid CSS (fixes #70) (#253)


19 Jun 16:43
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08c5ee8 CLI: Actual locally tested fix to race condition


19 Jun 12:01
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4ca05b9 Browsh CLI: fix for Marionette race condition


19 Jun 10:41
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1d4723f injectCustomCSS() fix, don't error of no body
e854558 HTTP server: timeout for page loading
759e8a1 HTTP server return instead of just
95562aa HTTP server: fixes that were causing page hangs
d6b5951 HTTP server: add experimental DOM-dump mode


19 Jun 05:24
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81f41b7 Fix for Viper's lowercasing of config keys :/


18 Jun 14:40
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fc92642 Version 1.6.0
931cc1c Allow Firefox prefs to be set in config.toml
2b97b29 HTTP server: fix for stale DOM dimensions
554f7f3 Fix JS tests
31def7c Config to set custom global CSS
c7ddd91 Add Patreon to Github's sponsor button
d079f9a JS prettier fixes
f8b0e55 Text rendering: fixes and improvements


11 Jun 10:52
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d93c084 Update dependencies. Bump to v1.5.2
534c0ad Merge pull request #263 from browsh-org/restart-firefox-for-every-spec
27826b3 Various improvements to integration tests
8ab587d Update to Firefox 66.0.4 to fix addon cert


06 Nov 09:53
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0b754d7 Update JS and Go deps. Bump Browsh to v1.5.0
5f4c819 Update FF Marionette commands
c7bb0b1 Newer NVM formats package.lock differently
fb83ecd Update Go dep to v0.5.0
77211ed replaced cat with i/o redirection
6c9e4be Merge pull request #227 from farhadmak/issue-205
8b7cda0 accidentally commited.. removing it
e1f7454 cleaned up un-needed spacing
c32aea0 open new tabs with each validURL
5aecb1b Added validURL array to viper
820403c implemented link verification before opening new tabs
f072915 Added NArg for non-flag arguments
cb3b5a7 Update
3bc17dc Merge pull request #226 from j-rewerts/master
76a8c06 Create
40f02fc Merge pull request #222 from CodyGramlich/Monochrome-flag
5c09d70 Removed color_mode
e4761be Added monochrome CLI flag
99d8468 Used a cross-platform Bash shebang.
3c0ddf0 Switched to using a more cross-platform build script.
582ac72 optimise js
2c62d1d Added link to Windows build environment guide.
64f0f33 Merge pull request #214 from CodyGramlich/windows-dev-guide
1f1f54a Update
e882459 Update running browsh
bc98212 Fix
d675d1f Update setup_windows_build_environment
868e4f8 Add set GOPATH
be62ef8 Add install golang
59a916b Create
b558cc1 Fixed missing line break