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Jun 11, 2019

@tombh tombh released this Nov 6, 2018 · 32 commits to master since this release


0b754d7 Update JS and Go deps. Bump Browsh to v1.5.0
5f4c819 Update FF Marionette commands
c7bb0b1 Newer NVM formats package.lock differently
fb83ecd Update Go dep to v0.5.0
77211ed replaced cat with i/o redirection
6c9e4be Merge pull request #227 from farhadmak/issue-205
8b7cda0 accidentally commited.. removing it
e1f7454 cleaned up un-needed spacing
c32aea0 open new tabs with each validURL
5aecb1b Added validURL array to viper
820403c implemented link verification before opening new tabs
f072915 Added NArg for non-flag arguments
cb3b5a7 Update
3bc17dc Merge pull request #226 from j-rewerts/master
76a8c06 Create
40f02fc Merge pull request #222 from CodyGramlich/Monochrome-flag
5c09d70 Removed color_mode
e4761be Added monochrome CLI flag
99d8468 Used a cross-platform Bash shebang.
3c0ddf0 Switched to using a more cross-platform build script.
582ac72 optimise js
2c62d1d Added link to Windows build environment guide.
64f0f33 Merge pull request #214 from CodyGramlich/windows-dev-guide
1f1f54a Update
e882459 Update running browsh
bc98212 Fix
d675d1f Update setup_windows_build_environment
868e4f8 Add set GOPATH
be62ef8 Add install golang
59a916b Create
b558cc1 Fixed missing line break

Assets 31
  • v1.4.13
  • 88efbc0
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  • v1.4.13
  • 88efbc0
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@tombh tombh released this Sep 16, 2018 · 59 commits to master since this release


88efbc0 Update
c0dbc5d URL correction
46f4ece v1.4.13
11070a1 Small spelling/grammar corrections
04e2b7c Update
9f9733f Merge pull request #185 from j-rewerts/master
4434c0c Create
7b4170e Added a mouse scroll test.
1ed1427 Added a function for simulating mouse clicks.
a35ceeb Fix startup command
1004777 Switched to server side scrolling.
97a756a Switched to built in scrolling.
3958885 Implemented basic scrolling.
c82b3e7 Added community messaging.
f2e6d9c Merge pull request #171 from ArniDagur/patch-1
727d6ff Fix typo in default config
99a4000 Refactors lots of JS ifs (#169)
ad235b6 Use less verbose if statements (#166)
99dcc23 Add Twitter Follow badge

Assets 31
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