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Universal and lightweight stylesheet starter kit
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Hocus-Pocus is a universal and lightweight stylesheet starter kit that focuses on base html elements and typography. You can change the look of every single component, disable some features and define a range of helpers with variables.

Why not Bootstrap?

Libraries like Bootstrap or Foundation are great and have greatly changed how people think about CSS. However, in most cases within my own project work, I just don’t need all these features and UI components like progress bars or breadcrumbs. Instead, I prefer to have something more universal that I can use in any project.

Key Features

The following features are the most characteristic to Hocus-Pocus:

  • Enhanced normalize.css reset
  • Default colors set and color helpers thanks to
  • Widely responsive web design support with customizable breakpoints and approach
  • Flexbox grid with universal, fraction based width helpers
  • Visibility and spacing helpers (auto-generated for the each viewport breakpoint!)
  • Typography with vertical rhythm based on rem units
  • Components like lists, menus, tables, forms, buttons, boxes, media object and sticky footer

You can find full documentation at Code is open sourced on GitHub. Up to date changelog is available under the releases section.

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