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Qemu for synology DSM
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Libvirt, Qemu for Synology DSM X86 platform(with kvm support).

Tested on DSM v6.0/6.1. Try this on your own risk.


  1. Install spk first;
  2. This spk carry a webvirtmgr web management, also you can use virsh or virt-manager.

Building tips

Qemu build with:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local --target-list="x86_64-softmmu arm-softmmu" \
--disable-gtk --disable-xen --enable-{kvm,linux-aio,vhost-net,vnc,vnc-png,vnc-jpeg,guest-agent} \
--enable-{spice,coroutine-pool,libiscsi,libusb,curl,libssh2,tpm} \
--enable-{modules,usb-redir,vhost-vsock,virglrenderer,replication,bzip2,rbd,attr,virtfs,vnc-sasl,tcmalloc,jemalloc,lzo} \
--audio-drv-list='sdl oss alsa pa'

Libvirt build with: 
./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-yajl --with-openssl --with-blkid \
--with-curl --with-ssh2  --with-qemu --with-lxc --with-remote --with-libvirtd \
--with-pm-utils --with-sysctl --with-network  --with-storage-scsi  --with-virtualport \
--with-esx --with-blkid --with-hal --with-avahi --with-udev  --with-storage-iscsi
  1. Build these on Debian jessie distribution, and made packages with this amazing tool, thanks to rednoah.
  2. Devlepment tutorial:




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