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  1. sarama-cluster Public archive

    Cluster extensions for Sarama, the Go client library for Apache Kafka 0.9 [DEPRECATED]

    Go 1k 218

  2. redeo Public

    High-performance framework for building redis-protocol compatible TCP servers/services

    Go 414 35

  3. openrtb Public

    OpenRTB protocol defintions for Go

    Go 251 110

  4. go-guid Public

    MongoDB style globally unique identifiers in Go

    Go 14 6

  5. planb Public

    Build distributed, low-latency services with a redis-compatible protocol and sentinel client support

    Go 11 2

  6. macdaddy Public

    MAC Daddy is a Go library for generating encrypted messages and verifying their authenticity using the Poly1305 message authentication code with a ChaCha20 cipher

    Go 5 3


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