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Solar ENergy and Automation (Internet of Things - IoT)

Sun ENergy and Automation (SENA)

Open Source Offline Home Automation Systems


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SENA is a Project which started from 6KWp Photostatic System for household usage.

Harvesting the Sun's Energy

This became the very first sub-system, based upon which I have elaborated another sub-systems of the overall SENA Project as described below:

  1. Photostatic OFF-Grid systems with the following components: a) Two strings of 12 PV panels each: SHARP ND-RB270 = 24 panels X 270 KWp = 6.48 KWp /2 MPP Trackers X 3 KWp each/ link to SHARP ND-RB270 b) Conversol S2 Off-Grid Inverter - 5kVA, 48V, DUO MPPT Charger link c) WEB and SNMP Box, Modbus - Remote Monitoring for Hybrid Inverters link and the concept of SNMP based upon which I've elaborated server side extract of energy related data: link and a very useful tool: SNMP OID/MIB Browser d) AccuForce 12 - 200 AGM VLRA BATTERY X 4 /4 X 12V = 48V X 200 Ah = 9.6 KWh/ link

The above PV OFF-Grid system has the advantage in a case of insufficient sun power to automatically switch in bypass mode for providing electrical energy directly from public Utility Grid /220V in EU/.

Components and sub-systems for managing electrical energy consumption:

  1. Hot water heating devices X 4pcs (two in the basement and one per 1st and 2nd floors) from commercially mass produced ARISTON SHP ECO 100 V 1.8K link

    Without any interventions on the original ARISTON's electronics, I've equipped each of the water heaters with additional 10K thermistor for reading the temperature of the water in real time using: Thermistor, interfacing with NodeMCU Also the NodeMCU Arduino based ESP8266 controller is capable to switch ON and OFF the ARISTON water heater with emulating power ONOFF push button with a small DUAL IN LINE REED RELAY /1 normally open contact/


	(detailed description and additionally used libraries/protocols like MQTT will be elaborated separately in Wiki part of the **SENA Project**)
  1. Next category of mass used devices for heating and cooling the house is 6 X Mitsubishi Electric HVACs (4 X MUZ-FH25VEHZ; 1 X MUZ-FH35VEHZ; 1 X MUZ-FH50VEHZ). In addition to already pre-installed WiFi modules to connect arch of the devices to MELCloud for remote control over the Web, for each of the HVACs /per room of the house/ I have assembled small boxes with ESP8266 and DHT-22 sensor for monitoring temperature and humidity. The main feature of these boxes is an infrared beaming LED which /connected to digital output of ESP8266/ can switch the HVAC in each of the modes its operates /heating, cooling and dry mode/. Special THANKS to: IR Remote Arduino Libraries and IR Remote Arduino Examples and IR Remote Example for Mitsubishi Electric HVACs

Monitoring and controlling components:

test link to a test page

  1. Monitoring UV Index, Visual Light and IR Light nearby photostatic strings.

  2. Switching ON/OFF 220V Energy entry from Public Grid and bypassing PV Conversol module to directly supply Grid 220V over the nights.

Central Processing Unit:

  1. Raspberry PI with MQTT Brokerage function and Node-RED visual coding software environment.

Disclaimer and comments

The project is 85% ready and in-production. The final 15% of Server side function and business logic are still to me finalized. Detailed description will follow.






v. 1.9

How to cite SENA

MIT license rules apply

How to contribute to the development of SENA

ETHEREUM /ETH/ and BITCOIN /BTC/ addresses will be published soon.