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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Sep 29, 2020

New in 2.23

  • Added new fractal formulas

  • modified fractal formulas
    mandeltorus prescale and mode2 had swapped checkboxes
    mandelbulbLambda fixed openCL
    transfStepXY added offset and scale
    transfScaleOffset fix DE
    transfScaleOffsetV2 fix DE

  • Shaders: Added clouds based on Perlin noise

    • receiving and casting shadows by clouds
    • clouds located by plane geometry
    • clouds located at certain distance from fractal
    • distance estimation to clouds for fast rendering
    • illumination boost by orbit trap lights
  • Textures: added support for textures in HDR Radiance format

  • Shaders: Added parameter for limiting GI radiance

  • Shaders: Volumetric DE factor now also works in CPU mode

  • Shaders: Added parameter for main light source contour sharpness

  • Shaders: Added option to make shadows on primitives visible on alpha channel and to hide primitives

  • Randomizer: Fixed bug in randomization algorithm for angular variables

  • Randomizer: Improved stopping of Randomizer (faster stop of OpenCL worker)

  • Randomizer: Fixed bug #800. There was no check if randomized version had assigned parameters.

  • Randomizer: Added "keep" checkbox in each variation in Randomizer. It excludes selected version from randomizing

  • UI: Added calculation and displaying of midpoint in measurement dock (issue #332)

  • UI: Fixed problem with missing selection of column in keyframe table after adding parameter to the table.

  • UI: Corrected rendering of Julia preview (now works properly with hybrids). Added option to disable Julia preview (issue #691)

  • Files: Added image auto-save when rendering takes more than 10 minutes (issue #776)

  • Files: Added storing of 100 undo levels in disk cache

  • NetRender: Fixed bug #805. Zbuffer parameters weren't transferred to NetRender clients

  • Code: minimized explicit use of new and delete (issue #445)

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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Jul 6, 2020 · 202 commits to master since this release

Main new feature in version 2.22 is editor for custom fractal formulas. User can add own or edit code from existing fractal shapes.


New in 2.22

  • Added new fractal formulas

  • modified fractal formulas
    sierpinski3d, fixed add reverse
    transfDEControls pk offset default = 1

  • Custom formulas: Added custom formula editor

    • inserting parameters from the list
    • dynamic UI for parameters existing in custom code
    • syntax highlighting
    • auto indenting
    • syntax checking
    • loading of build-in formulas
    • saving of formula code in .fract files
    • loading/saving of formula code in text files
    • auto formatting with clang-format
    • customization of font size
  • Randomizer: Added option to not randomize camera when animated parameters from keyframe editor

  • Randomizer: Added STOP button to Randomizer

  • Randomizer: fixed bug: not finished renderings of previews caused high CPU load

  • Voxel export: Added export of greyscale voxel layers

  • Shaders: fixed bug: Ambient Occlusion (Multiple Rays with light map) produced color noise

  • OpenCL: corrected occurrences of double precision constants which caused compiler errors on MacOS

  • Files: Added camera top vector to image metadata (issue #722)

  • Files: Added options for zbuffer saving: inverting z-buffer, logarithmic scale, constant depth range

  • Compilation: fixed bug: Corrected location of formula/definition files is source package

  • Compilation: added missing option which includes SVG library to AppImage

  • Compilation: Fixed problem with missing sources when cmake is used (issue #784)

  • Examples: cleaned settings of most of the examples

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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Mar 2, 2020 · 406 commits to master since this release

New in 2.21

This version introduces Randomizer tool which allows random modifications of selected set of fractal parameters.

Added new fractal formulas:

  • aboxSphere4d
  • aboxTetra4d
  • fastMandelbox
  • foldCutCube
  • koch
  • kochV2
  • kochV3
  • knotV1
  • knotV2
  • mandalayBoxV1
  • mandalayBoxV2
  • mandalayKifs
  • mengerV2
  • mengerV3
  • pseudoKleinianMod3
  • transfMandalayFoldV1
  • transfMandalayFoldV2
  • transfSinAdd
  • transfSphericalFoldV1
  • transfDIFSTorusGrid
  • transfDEControls BETA

modified fractal formulas:

  • pseudoKleinianStdDE change to std r bailout & aux.dist DE
  • scatorPower2 change to std r bailout & aux.dist DE
  • scatorPower2Imaginary change to std r bailout
  • scatorPower2Real change to std r bailout

Randomizer: Added Randomizer tool for interactive-random modifying of settings

  • randomizing algorithm which considers parameters hierarchy
  • visual comparison of results with threshold based on noise level
  • repeating randomizing of results similar to base image
  • repeating randomizing of results similar to any other version
  • repeating randomizing of blank images
  • 3 different randomizimg levels
  • saving settings of particular variant to .fract file
  • displaying of randomized parameters in tooltips
  • option to reset negligible parameters
  • option to add randomized parameters to keyframe animation
  • checkbox to disable randomizing of integers and booleans
  • options in preferences to customize size and quality of previews
  • tool can be launched from any dock, group-box, globally or from keyframes editor.

OpenCL: implemented adaptive anti-aliasing algorithm
UI: Added tool for global cleaning up of settings
UI: Changed FOV to be in degrees
Shaders: Fixed problem with very high brightness of multi ray AO when OpenCL was disabled
Code: Refactored fractal_cormulas.cpp file. Now all fractal formula definitions are in separate .cpp files are derived form cAbstractFractal class.
Fixed bug: in many OpenCL formulas were used double precision constants. Compilation of OpenCL kernels failed on MacOS.
Fixed bug: added missing libsndfile for MacOS builds

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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Dec 3, 2019 · 559 commits to master since this release

This version introduces NetRender optimized for rendering animations using clients distributed over the network. It can use OpenCL for rendering. In addition it shares textures and sound files during network rendering. All rendered image frames are sent back to the server.
Version 2.20 new type of fractal formulas and transforms. New dIFS formulas can place geometric shapes into the fractal structure.

What is new:

  • Added new fractal formulas

  • modified fractal formulas
    boxFoldBulbPow2V3, added sphere invert
    transfRotationIterControls, fix order of rotations
    msltoeSym4Mod, added mul and fixed scale
    aboxMod13,add missing sphere fold iter controls
    transfSurfBoxFoldV24d = 1104, // duplicated number 1089
    aexion, convert to analytic
    quaternion4d, convert to analytic
    quaternionCubic4d, convert to analytic
    quickDudley, convert to analytic
    quickDudleyMod, convert to analytic
    lkmitch, convert to analytic
    makin3d2, convert to analytic
    riemannSphereMsltoeV1, convert to analytic
    riemannSphereMsltoeV2, convert to analytic
    benesiMagTransforms, convert to analytic
    transfBenesiCubeSphere, convert to analytic
    transfBenesiSphereCube, convert to analytic
    transfBenesiT3, covert to analytic
    transfBenesiT4, covert to analytic
    transfBenesiT5b, covert to analytic
    aexionOctopusMod, add Force Analytic option
    sierpinski3d, fixed DE

  • Fractals: added dIFS distance estimation mode

  • Fractals: Fixed issue #725. In some cases (only dummy iteration), colorIndex was uninitialized (noise on images)

  • Fractals: Fixed problem #737 (lack of coloring when slot#1 is disabled)

  • Fractals: Force analytic DE now works in non-hybrid mode

  • Fractals: Fixed problem #685. There was incomplete bailout condition for coloring mode.

  • NetRender: added network distributed rendering of animations (also with
    OpenCL). Server controls rendering animation and distributes rendering of
    animation frames to all connected clients. Finished image frames and sent back
    to the server.

  • NetRender: clients can pull textures and audio files from server

  • Shaders: Added color property for ambient occlusion effects

  • Shaders: Added fill light (0-order ambient occlusion)

  • Primitives: Added boolean operators for primitive objects

  • Primitives: Added parameter to control water progression speed in animation

  • Tools: Added Mandelbulber VFX Tools by Adrian Meyer

  • UI: Re-organized order in fractal list

  • UI: Colorized sections in comboBox with fractal list

  • UI: Added hotkey F11 to toggle full screen mode

  • UI: rendering of Julia set preview now is done by OpenCL

  • UI: Added Spanish language (translated by Jorge Abalo)

  • UI: Fixed bug #721. Deleted second material sometimes was really deleted and caused problems with Undo

  • UI: Fixed problem with Queue hanging program when deleting items from queue table

  • UI: add new generalized image file save with hotkey. This allows for all image
    file formats. The file format is derived from the given extension.

  • Examples: used $SHARED_DIR to substitute hardcoded texture paths

  • Examples: added many new examples

  • Files: Changed EXR compression from ZIP16 to ZIP1

  • Compilation: Changed to use OpenCL/cl2.hpp (cl.hpp is already depreciated) with OpenCL 1.2 compatibility macros

  • Compilation: Changed xcode version to 9.4.1 for MacOS builds

  • Compilation: Fixed many errors showed by CoverityScan

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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Jul 30, 2019 · 867 commits to master since this release

New in 2.19

  • Added new fractal formulas
  • modified fractal formulas
    transfPolyFoldSymXY, added XY to name and updated code
    transfPolyFoldSymMulti, updated code
  • Shaders: surface color palette replaced with gradient editor
  • Shaders: added gradient for specular highlights
  • Shaders: added gradient for diffusion
  • Shaders: added gradient for luminosity
  • Shaders: added gradient for reflectance
  • Shaders: added gradient for transparency
  • Shaders: added gradient for roughness
  • Shaders: added texture mapping for reflectance
  • Shaders: added texture mapping for transparency
  • Shaders: added texture mapping for roughness
  • Shaders: added global illumination by volumetric effects
  • Shaders: Fixed bug: corrected rotation of textures when main fractal object is rotated
  • Animation: added morphing of gradients
  • Primitives: improved water animation
  • UI: added context menu and quick action buttons for gradients
  • UI: Added option in preferences to disable tooltips (fixed issue #213)
  • UI: Select Fusion UI style as default when none is selected
  • UI: Fixed bugs #682 and #594: after using ctrl+s cursor permanently jumped to the right in edit fields
  • Settings: added conversion of old color palettes to new gradients
  • Image: added saving diffuse optional channel
  • Image: added saving world coordinate optional channel
  • Code: refactored code for NetRender
  • Code: a lot of small code improvements and cleaning up
  • Compilation: Added missing installer.pri to the Linux package
  • Compilation: moved to Qt 5.12 in msvc builds for Windows
  • Fixed bug: fix for crashing when preview size was changed during rendering
  • Fixed bug: when program was closed during populating toolbar, there was left zombie process.
  • Fixed bug #609: Now it is not possible to run with OpenCL platform index -1
  • Examples: added many new example settings
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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Jun 4, 2019 · 1022 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes in 2.18-1:

  • fixed problem with locked auto-refresh function
  • fixed bug in CMakeList - there was missing SHARED_DOC_DIR definition
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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this May 29, 2019 · 1034 commits to master since this release

Development of Mandelbulber 2.18 was mostly focused on implementation of stereoscopic rendering in OpenCL mode.
This new version got very interesting "fake lights" effects based on calculation of different shapes of orbit traps.


New in 2.18:

  • Added new fractal formulas
  • modified fractal formulas
    menger middle mod, added vary scale and sphere inversion
    trans_scale4d, added vary scale
    aboxModKaliV2, added oldZ sign transform
    transfAbsAddTgladFold4d, added iter controls and aux.color
    transfBoxFold4dTglad, added linear vary scale option
    mandelboxVariable, added variable functions for box limits and addCpixel
    aboxModKali, added pre-rotation (variable)
    transfQuaternionFold, re-structure DE
  • OpenCL: Added rendering of stereoscopic images
  • OpenCL: Disabled loading of textures in fast and medium OpenCL modes (improves performance)
  • OpenCL: Fixed problem with "nan" estimated noise when some of pixels have infinite brightness.
  • OpenCL: Added missing code for DeltaDE josKleinian. Fixed bug #627
  • OpenCL: Corrected displaying of total rendering time when DOF is used
  • OpenCL: Added more logging to OpenCL launching code.
  • Effects: Added rectangle, circle, cube and sphere shapes to "fake lights" algorithm
  • Effects: Added "thickness" parameter for "fake lights"
  • Effects: Added reduction of stereoscopic effect on poles when is used equirectangular projection
  • Effects: Swapped eyes in top-bottom mode (default was incorrect when uploaded into Youtube)
  • Effects: Added button "Calculate optimal distance between eyes" for stereoscopic rendering
  • Effects: Fixed bug in openCL multi-ray AO #634. When iterThreshMode was enabled, the detailLevel parameter was still used.
  • Effects: Added elimination of calculation of DOF at pixels with zero distance
  • Settings: Corrected loading of settings with animation containing parameters with names *_x, *_y, *_z, which are not vectors
  • Files: Added saving metadata (scene parameters) into image files.
  • Files: Fixed bug #637. Now files from _alpha and _zbuffer directories are deleted.
  • Files: Added saving 8-bit JPG z-buffer
  • UI: Corrected behavior of "Default window layout"
  • UI: Disabled auto-refresh before settings are loaded (fixed problem with partial loading of settings)
  • UI: Better handling for "Material is not defined" problem. Fixed issue #636
  • UI: Added displaying of path to log in Preferences.
  • UI: Added option to enable/disable rendering of thumbnails (used in load settings file selector)
  • UI: Fixed bug #654. Now central widget is not hidden when rendered image is detached.
  • UI: Fixed problem with unwanted repeating of rendering after mouse dragging.
  • Fractals: Added advanced controls for raymarching step calculation.
  • MacOS: fixed OpenCL compiler errors caused by missing line breaks after last lines of code
  • MacOS: Eliminating error on MacOS: Critical: OpenCl ERROR: "Device #0: cl::CommandQueue()" ( -30 )
  • MacOS: in mac/ corrected copying of share folder (now default textures works)
    This change doesn't have impact on rendering speed.
  • Compilation: Added 'make install' option for qmake
  • Compilation: Added support for running Mandelbulber as portable application under Linux
  • Compilation: Added continuous integration for AppImage
  • Compilation: Fixed bug #655. Corrected paths tof doc and data in prepare_for_dev* scripts
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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Mar 6, 2019 · 1174 commits to master since this release

Main change in version 2.17 is added support for multiple GPUs. Now there is possible parallel computation of fractals on all available OpenCL devices within selected OpenCL platform.

New in 2.17:

  • Added new fractal formulas
    transfSphericalInvV2 BETA
    added sphere inversion to PseudoKleinian and Jos Kleinian
    fixed scale in transfAbsAddConditional 3d & 4d
    fixed type2 fold in amazingSurfMod2
  • OpenCL: Added support for multi-GPU rendering
  • OpenCL: Rendering by GPUs moved to separate thread. Image processing and refreshing doesn't slow down rendering and GPUs can be utilized to 100%
  • OpenCL: Added reservation of GPU time for the system
  • OpenCL: Improved quality of volumetric effects in OpenCL mode (when the distance from camera varies greatly)
  • OpenCL: improved error handling
  • OpenCL: Thumbnails in PreviewFileDialog are now rendered using OpenCL (or using CPU if distance to fractal is less than 1e-5)
  • Fractals: Corrected rendering of fractal cross-sections
  • Fractals:
  • Fixed problem with Pseudo Kleinian fractal which don't use maxiter and interior mode
  • Shaders: Added new properties for material color:
    luminosity color the same as object color
    color of reflections
    color of reflections the same as object color
    color of transparency
    color of transparency the same as object color
  • Shaders: Added roughness property to materials
  • Shaders: Fixed variation in brightness between different image resolutions when "connect detail level with image resolution" was enabled.
  • Shaders: Fixed bug causing wrong appearance of specular highlights when diffusionTextureIntensity was low and texture mapping was disabled.
  • Shaders: Fixed bug: glow was not calculated on CPU with interior mode
  • Shaders: There was missing updating in volumetric shader (CPU code) - issue #614
  • Shaders: Fixed bug #618. Max distance for SSAO was limited to 100.0
  • Shaders: Fixed bug in AmbientOcclusion shader (wrong appearance when maxiter reached)
  • Shaders: Corrected code for non-DE shading mode to not use distance estimationat all.
  • UI: Added displaying of last rendered tiles with noise statistics when MC is used.
  • UI: Fixed not working Reset (local reset) buttons
  • UI: Local Load/Save buttons now do not load/save animation data (caused problems with loading partial settings)
  • UI: Corrected tooltips in Load/Save/Reset buttons
  • UI: Refreshing of thumbnails can occupy not more threads than total number of CPU cores
  • UI: Reduced minimum width of navigation dock
  • UI: Substituted load/save/reset buttons with smaller icon buttons
  • UI: Fixed bug #602 - mouse dragging sometimes continued when mouse buttons were released
  • Queue: Fixed problem with locking rendering engine by updating of Queue thumbnails
  • Files: Added option to save each image channel in a separate directory
  • CLI: Added --gpuall (-G) CLI option to use all available GPU devices
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@buddhi1980 buddhi1980 released this Dec 23, 2018 · 1336 commits to master since this release

New in v2.16

  • Added new fractal formulas
  • UI: Added rotation of the camera by mouse dragging (left mouse button)
  • UI: Added rotation of the camera around indicated point by mouse dragging (right mouse button)
  • UI: Added roll of the camera by mouse dragging (middle mouse button)
  • UI: Added moving of the camera by mouse dragging (left+right mouse buttons)
  • UI: Added selective loading and saving of settings. Each dock and tab has own load/save buttons
  • UI: Several improvements of popup sliders (added "-" button, corrected handling of negative numbers and zeros)
  • OpenCL: fixed problem with loading OpenCL ICD under Windows with newest NVidia drivers (missing OpenCL platforms)
  • OpenCL: Preselect 1st GPU device in preferences when open for the first time
  • OpenCL: corrected loading of setting for selected OpenCL device
  • OpenCL: corrected changing of active GPU device during runtime
  • OpenCL: added error handling for missing or wrong selection of GPU device
  • OpenCL: added "Job size multiplier" option which can speed up rendering
  • OpenCL: Reduced inlining of CalculateFractal and CalculateDistance. Calculation of fractals with DeltaDE is about twice faster. Compilation of OpenCL kernels with DeltaDE is also much faster.
  • File: Implemented optional specular image channel and saving in separate image file
  • UI: fixed bug: Corrected error messages which could cause program crashes
  • UI: added context menu for all comboBoxes
  • Shaders: Volumetric light from maim light source was visible when this light was disabled
  • Compilation: win32 platform is no longer supported
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