Pydata NYC 2014 Scikit Learn Tutorial
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0. Setup of Libraries and Version Numbers.ipynb
0.5. Machine Learning - Motivation.ipynb
1. Scikit Learn - Introduction.ipynb
2. Scikit Learn - Datasets.ipynb
3. Scikit Learn - Supervised Learning.ipynb
4. Scikit Learn - Unsupervised Learning.ipynb
5. Scikit Learn - Parameter Search.ipynb
6. Scikit Learn - Model Selection.ipynb
7. Scikit Learn - Pipeline.ipynb
8. Scikit Learn - Deployment.ipynb
9. Pointers to Other Tutorials.ipynb
Language Detector.ipynb

A Machine Learning Pipeline with Scikit-Learn

This repo includes all of the ipython notebooks that I will go through in the tutorial. It is targeted to people who have beginner to intermediate knowledge in machine learning and wants to use Scikit-Learn in their machine learning pipeline.

It covers from basic concepts of Scikit-Learn(unsupervised learning, supervised learning and cross validation) to pipelines, grid search, model selection and deployment process.

The dependencies are given in the 0th notebook, to reproduce it, makes sure you have at least those versions in that notebook. Otherwise, please feel free to open an issue in this repository.

You could browse the IPython notebooks in nbviewer