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A live reload plugin for


First, add as a plugin and a build dependency:

PROJECT = myproject
BUILD_DEPS = reload_mk
DEP_PLUGINS = reload_mk


Then in one terminal: make run RELOADABLE=1. Keep it running.

Now you can modify any source files in your project and run make reload:

% make reload
 DEPEND myproject.d
 ERLC   myproject.erl myproject_app.erl
 APP    myproject
 RELOAD myproject

=INFO REPORT==== 3-Oct-2015::15:05:18 ===
    reload_mk: "Reloaded"
    module: myproject
    path: "/home/bullno1/Projects/myproject/_rel/myproject_release/lib/myproject-rolling/ebin/myproject.beam"
** at node myproject@ **

To avoid having to type make reload all the time, use make auto-reload. You need to have inotify-tools installed for this command to work.

An example project can be found at

Running code on reload

It is possible to have a function called whenever a module is reloaded. This is useful for things like reloading cowboy's route. To do so, just use the on_reload attribute:

-export([reload_routes/0]). % Reload function must be exported

reload_routes() ->
	cowboy:set_env(my_http_listener, dispatch, cowboy_router:compile(dispatch())).

dispatch() ->
	% Routes

Now, every time my_http_listener is modified, it will automatically calls reload_routes.


RELOAD_MK_WATCH_DIRS can be set to a list of directories that make auto-reload needs to watch. For example, if you are using erlydtl templates, put the following in your Makefile:

RELOAD_MK_WATCH_DIRS = src templates

By default, it is set to src deps.