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Bump API 3.0

This is an all-new version of the Bump iOS API.


  • faster, smaller. ~400kB is added to an ARM binary after linking.
  • block/GCD based callbacks.
  • multiple concurrent sessions: once two users have matched, they can continue to send data to each other and other users
  • at the moment breaks compatibility with earlier versions of the API

Getting Started

  1. Agree to the API license agreement and get your API key:
  2. Add libBump.a and BumpClient.h to your Xcode project.
  3. Ensure that your target is linked against libBump.a, CFNetwork.framework, CoreLocation.framework, and AudioToolbox.framework.
  4. Configure your client: [BumpClient configureWithAPIKey:@"your_api_key" andUserID:[[UIDevice currentDevice] name]];

Congrats, that's it. Your app is now bumpable!


  1. Use of this library is subject to both our SDK License agreement,, and Trademark Guidelines:
  2. Android builds coming soon.
  3. Please submit comments and questions to

Release Notes


  • fixes leak when no internet connection is present
  • fixes 'Somebody' userID bug
  • removes a compiler warning when linking against the library


  • fixes userId configuration bug
  • adds optional disconnect/connect calls (first call to sharedClient auto-connects)


  • setBumpable turns location updates on/off
  • userIDForChannel returns empty string when other user's name is unset


  • removes use of [[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier]
  • includes armv6 binary

Beta 3

  • Additional power saving measures when bumping disabled
  • Fixes two internal bugs, one of which means that it will not match with earlier betas

Beta 2

  • callback structure changed: BumpClient calls its matchBlock when a match occurs. In order to create a channel (and send data), both users most call [[BumpClient sharedClient] confirmMatch:YES onChannel:channel];. When both users confirm a channel, then BumpClient will callback its channelConfirmedBlock.
  • See updated examples for this new structure
  • API key status notification on stderr.

Complete Example

- (void) configureBump {
    // userID is a string that you could use as the user's name, or an ID that is semantic within your environment
    [BumpClient configureWithAPIKey:@"your_api_key" andUserID:[[UIDevice currentDevice] name]];

    [[BumpClient sharedClient] setMatchBlock:^(BumpChannelID channel) { 
        NSLog(@"Matched with user: %@", [[BumpClient sharedClient] userIDForChannel:channel]); 
        [[BumpClient sharedClient] confirmMatch:YES onChannel:channel];

    [[BumpClient sharedClient] setChannelConfirmedBlock:^(BumpChannelID channel) {
        NSLog(@"Channel with %@ confirmed.", [[BumpClient sharedClient] userIDForChannel:channel]);
        [[BumpClient sharedClient] sendData:[[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Hello, world!"] dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]

    [[BumpClient sharedClient] setDataReceivedBlock:^(BumpChannelID channel, NSData *data) {
        NSLog(@"Data received from %@: %@", 
        [[BumpClient sharedClient] userIDForChannel:channel], 
        [NSString stringWithCString:[data bytes] encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]);

    // optional callback
    [[BumpClient sharedClient] setConnectionStateChangedBlock:^(BOOL connected) {
        if (connected) {
            NSLog(@"Bump connected...");
        } else {
            NSLog(@"Bump disconnected...");

    // optional callback
    [[BumpClient sharedClient] setBumpEventBlock:^(bump_event event) {
        switch(event) {
            case BUMP_EVENT_BUMP:
                NSLog(@"Bump detected.");
            case BUMP_EVENT_NO_MATCH:
                NSLog(@"No match.");