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Burstcoin Reference Software (Burstcoin Wallet)

Build BRS GPLv3 Get Support at

The world's first HDD-mined cryptocurrency using an energy efficient and fair Proof-of-Capacity (PoC) consensus algorithm.

This wallet version is developed and maintained by the Burst Apps Team (BAT). The two supported database backends are:

  • H2 (embedded, recommended)
  • MariaDB (advanced users)

Network Features

  • Proof of Capacity - ASIC proof / Energy efficient mining
  • No ICO/Airdrops/Premine
  • Turing-complete smart contracts, via BlockTalk
  • Asset Exchange; Digital Goods Store; Crowdfunds, NFTs, games, and more (via smart contracts); and Alias system

Network Specification

BRS Features

  • Decentralized Peer-to-Peer network with spam protection
  • Built in Java - runs anywhere, from a Raspberry Pi to a Phone
  • Fast sync with multithreaded CPU or, optionally, an OpenCL GPU
  • HTTP and gRPC API for clients to interact with network


Prerequisites (All Platforms)

Java 64-bit 8 (Recommended) or higher

You need Java 64-bit 8 (recommended) or higher installed. To check your java version, run java -version. You should get an output similar to the following:

java version "1.8.0_181"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_181-b13)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.181-b13, mixed mode)

The important part is that the Java version starts with 1.8 (Java 8)

If you do not have Java installed, download it from Oracle's Website

MariaDB (Optional)

Download and install MariaDB

The MariaDb installation will ask to setup a password for the root user. Add this password to the file you will create when installing BRS:



Grab the latest release (or, if you prefer, compile yourself using the instructions below)

In the conf directory, copy into a new file named and modify this file to suit your needs (See "Configuration" section below)

To run BRS, double click on burst.exe (if on Windows) or run java -jar burst.jar. On most systems this will show you a monitoring window and will create a tray icon to show that BRS is running. To disable this, instead run java -jar burst.jar --headless.


Running on mainnet (unless you are developing or running on testnet, you will probably want this)

There is no need to change any configuration. Optionally, if you want to use mariadb (see above), you will need to add the following to your conf/


Also look through the existing properties if there is anything you want to change.


Please see the Wiki article for details on how to setup a testnet node.

Private Chains

In order to run a private chain, you need the following properties:

DEV.DB.Url=(Your Database URL)
DEV.DB.Username=(Your Database Username)
DEV.DB.Password=(Your Database Password2)
API.Listen =
API.allowed = *
DEV.TestNet = yes
DEV.Offline = yes
DEV.digitalGoodsStore.startBlock = 0
DEV.automatedTransactions.startBlock = 0
DEV.atFixBlock2.startBlock = 0
DEV.atFixBlock3.startBlock = 0
DEV.atFixBlock4.startBlock = 0
DEV.prePoc2.startBlock = 0
DEV.poc2.startBlock = 0
DEV.rewardRecipient.startBlock = 0

Optionally, if you want to be able to forge blocks faster, you can add the following properties:

DEV.mockMining = true
DEV.mockMining.deadline = 10

This will cause a block to be forged every 10 seconds. Note that P2P is disabled when running a private chain and is incompatible with mock mining.


Building the latest stable release

Run these commands (master is always the latest stable release):

git fetch --all --tags --prune
git checkout origin/master
mvn package

Your packaged release will now be available in dist/

Building the latest development version

Run these commands (develop is always the latest stable release):

git fetch --all --tags --prune
git checkout origin/develop
mvn package

Your packaged release will now be available in dist/

Please note that development builds will refuse to run outside of testnet or a private chain

Updating the Phoenix Wallet

Since V3.0 the Phoenix Wallet is available as built-in alternative to the classic wallet. As the Phoenix Wallet is a project apart from this repository one need to update it from time to time. The update process is semi-automated, i.e. one needs to trigger the update script which sites in ./ci.

Inside ./ci run ./

This script requires NodeJS V14+ runtime environment installed on your machine. The bash script is tested on Linux only, and may not work on other OSes.


To cut a new (pre)-release just create a tag of the following format vD.D.D[-suffix]. Githubs actions automatically creates a pre-release with entirely build executable as zip.

git tag v3.0.1-beta
git push --tags


Main Developer: jjos2372. Donation address: BURST-JJQS-MMA4-GHB4-4ZNZU

For more information, see Credits

Further Documentation