Manage environment variables securely.
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Note: Stocker has been mothballed in favor of other better supported projects such as Vault.


Stocker provides a method for managing environment variables for a process securely. It was designed with Docker containers in mind, but can be used to set configuration information for any given command.

When run as a server, Stocker accepts SSH connections from Stocker clients for both writers and readers. Authorized public keys are retrived for both users when the server is started. Values are encrypted and decrypted as requested using a seperate private key stored only on the server; this means that client keys can be rotated, added to, revoked, etc. without the need to re-encrypt data in the key/value store backend.

Stocker is designed to work with any backend, but presently only Redis has been implemented. All information stored with a given backend is encrypted using AES-256 in CBC mode, signed with a SHA-512 HMAC.

Stocker is designed to solve the secure configuration issue and not to be a full-fledged deployment tool for Docker or anything else.

Command Refference


stocker key filename

The key command generates a new cryptographic key to be used in conjunction with the server command. The only argument is the filepath to use to save said key to disk. Correct permissions (600) will be set for the created file.


stocker set [options] variable [variable...]
  -E=false: use current environment when possible
  -a=":2022": address of the stocker server
  -g="": group to use for storing and retrieving data
  -i="": path to an SSH private key

The set command can be used to save new values for one or more environment variables for a given group (-g). After specifying said variables as arguments on the command line, you will be prompted to securely input the coresponding values.


stocker exec [options] command [argument...]
  -a=":2022": address of the stocker server
  -g="": group to use for storing and retrieving data
  -i="": path to an SSH private key
  -u="": user to execute the command as

The exec command will fetch and decode all environment variables (-E) for a given group (-g) and/or any number of individual environment variables and merge them into the current environment when running the specified command.


stocker server [options]
  -a=":2022": address to listen on
  -b="redis": backend to use
  -h=":6379": backend address
  -i="/etc/stocker/id_rsa": path to an ssh private key
  -k="/etc/stocker/key": path to encryption key
  -n="stocker": backend namespace
  -r="": retrieve reader public keys from this URL
  -t="tcp": backend connection protocol
  -w="": retrieve writer public keys from this URL

The server command will run a new Stocker server process in the foreground.


The project is making use of GitHub issues to track progress. If you discover a bug or have a feature request please open a new issue, regardless of whether or not you intend to contribute code yourself.

For those who want to contribute code, we're using the git-flow method, so please submit pull requests as feature branches.