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C64 Single EPROM cartridge pcb
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v1.1 (KiCad) Update May 26, 2019
v1.2 (eagle) Create May 26, 2019
v1.3 Delete .~lock.Versa64Cart_BOM_v1_30.csv# May 30, 2019
v1.4 Rev 1.4 Jun 25, 2019 Update Jul 11, 2019



Versa64Cart is designed to be a modern easy-to-use cartridge development board for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 hobbyists and hackers. The versatile design of the PCB allows for flexible implementation of various cartridge types. Whether it’s a simple cartridge backup of an 8k game or a switchable multi-program diagnostic cartridge, Versa64Cart has you covered.

Supported EPROMS are: 27C64 (8k), 27C128 (16k), 27C256 (32k), 27C512 (64k). Please see the documentation for more information.

Eagle and KiCad design files

I have put the rev 1.1 in a separate folder in case someone wants to use the kicad files as a template. Rev. 1.2 was designed by Sven Peterson in eagle. It is a complete redrawn schematic and layout.



  • Change: card edge connector with pads like in v1.1


  • Change: Cartridge enclosure support
    • Moved IC socket away from edge
    • Moved diode group away from edge
    • Bom: Use right angle pin headers. The straight ones are too tall.


  • A reset button
  • Jumpers accessible on outer edge.*
  • Solder jumpers at the top layer
  • New documentation
  • Designed in Eagle
  • Remember to turn off the computer before changing the jumpers.


1.1 and 1.0

  • Designed in KiCad based on simple64cart eagle files
  • Support retro innovation cartridge enclosure (allthough pins too high)
  • Moved IC sockets further from edge
  • Added 16k game support
  • Added dip switch and jumpers
  • Added Documentation

Versa64Cart on YouTube


Check out VersaZIF64 if you are interested in the Versa64cart and with a ZIF socket.

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